Am I Missing Something Way OT

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LisaB - February 12

Ok so everyone is claiming to father Anna Nicoles baby but if its just for the money wouldn't the money just go into a trust fund for the baby until shes an adult? I realize Anna Nicole probably didn't set up anything but isn't that how it normally works?? Sorry for my 3 posts I need something else to do today hehe.


Rabbits07 - February 12

Am I missing something that vonzo seems to swing both ways and has a thing for cyndiG? I've seen numerous references made by von about it, but I didn't know if I had missed something somewhere and it was a joke OR I missed something somewhere and it was for real? I've already posted two new threads today, too, so I figured I would just ask in this one. What gives? Oh, and LisaB it would seem to me that the money would be trust funded, but you never know what is going on in HollyWood!


sahmof3 - February 12

LOL Rabbits.. no, it was a joke from another thread. I can't remember which one or what started it, but then they were just joking back and forth about it... something about CyndiG and vonzo sleeping together, but since moms are so tired they really would JUST sleep LOL. Anyway, I was also wondering about that with ANS, too...


CyndiG - February 12

LOL!!!! It's totally a joke! I hope! Way back on another post, someone asked for ideas to make valentines day special. Vonzo said to run him a bath, cook dinner, have his favorite drink ready....I told her if she'd do all that I just might marry her. It started with that. ROFL!


mosley12 - February 12

if anna and howar were LEGALY married, not just having done a "commitment" ceremony, than all the money will go to him, regardless of who's the father, unless anna had a will or such.


Rabbits07 - February 12

OK. I somehow missed how it got started somewhere along the line....all I knew was that I have seen several posts today about it. I was thinking I must have missed something somewhere, but in this day and age you just never know! Thanks for filling me in ;-)


luviduvi - February 12

I feel bad for Larry Birkhead or whatever his name is. they are saying that he hasn't accepted a dime for his media coverage whereas everyone else charges a fee for the media coverage.


mcatherine - February 12

Her husband will get the money unless it was willed to her child. If was willed - then it may be that the guardian gains control of the money. If it was willed to go in to a pre-established trust fund for Dannilynne - then it depends on the type of trust it is. In some cases, the guardian gains control of the trust until the child is 18. In other cases - no one can touch it until the child is 18. No one will get anything until the estate is settled - and it won't be for a long time because I a__sume that her estate is still going after the billions....


vonzo - February 12

My ears are burning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I swing only one way and thats to CyndiG! Tee hee just kidding it's to my loverly husband! I bet you all talk about me in a secret forum, "the secret lesbian stalker" ... ;o)


LisaB - February 12

mcatherine shes not legalled married though. Her and Howard only did an cermony so it isn't legally binding.


ash2 - February 12

I know it is starting to get really confusing. I had posted a thread about the fact that they think her baby is her late husbands. If so, she did that to inherit the money , im sure. I thought the money would go into a fund for her too untill she is 18 or something...


mcatherine - February 12

I thought they were legally married. Of course that changes things - the baby would get the money - but if it isn't willed into a trust fund already - then the guardian would get control of it. I do hope for the baby's sake that someone, anyone intervenes and asks the court to trust it for her so it isn't all gone in 18 years! Of course, married or not - the guy is a lawyer, so I'm sure she has to have everything taken care of. You don't have a lot of money and not have a will...


jb - February 12

You know, with all the people coming forward saying that they are the father.....I might just toss my hat in the ring too!!


CyndiG - February 12

Your ears should be burning V, you've gottem all talking!! :O} BTW, did your washer start working? I have one of those, seriously it's the pits! I have to beat on the lid just to get it to come on!


shelly - February 13

hehe lol always make me laugh


lexa - February 13

Oh wow....we have lesbians now, lol:-) Poor Anna Nicole!!! Even when she pa__ses she can't rest in peace! That poor baby too. They need to stop dragging it out and do the DNA test already! That baby needs to have some stability now for goodness sake! Poor Stern, if its not his (which he is claiming he never said he was the father, hmmm, makes you really think now) he is losing everything! Anna, the baby, the house. That whole situation is just messed up. And we all know she was a tramp (but I still watched her:-) so of course guys are going to come out of the woodwork to claim the baby. Im sure the billion dollars had nothing to do with it *making a face now*. So vonzo and cyndiG....what do you think of Anna, wink wink wink.....LOL!!!! Just kidding.


lexa - February 13

Oh, forgot, I really hope that money does go to a trust fund of some sorts for the baby so whoever the father is, he can't touch it. The father needs to want to be there for the baby, not the money. But nowadays, I guess it's all about the "green"! Sad!



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