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KrisD - October 10

I was just reading an infant Q&A column on the web and one mom wrote in with some concerns that her 10 wk old infant was displaying early signs of autism. She cited an excessive amount of stretching, even in his sleep, and falling asleep with an arm straight up in the air. My 5 week old does both of these all th time. I just thought it was cute when he fell asleep with an arm up in the air.... She also mentioned that he arches his back a lot. Are you kidding me? Isn't all that normal infant stuff? Now, I know that I may be paranoid, but please share your thoughts on this...


Shelly - October 10

My 9 week old stretches a lot too,and a lot of times he puts one finger up -not the middle finger-but i do not see any of that as a sign of autism.I studied 2 years of psychology especiallising in autism and i just do not see all that as a sign.Jesse looks at me,communicates,smiles etc like any 2 month old would and that includes a lot os stretching,he sometimes shakes a leg like a wet cat,my doc didn,t see a problem with that,and that was the only thing i was slightliy concerned about.Were did you see that,i mean in which thread


Narcissus - October 10

KrisD - please look at the link. I would not worry. Keep underscores, remove dashes ---


hey - October 10

Falling asleep with your straight up in the air sounds like an astonishing feat all together. I mean once you fall asleep wouldn't it drop? I have a tick similar to that, sometimes I stick my right arm straight up in the air. I don't know why I do it, I just do it. The arm doesn't hurt but somehow it just "feels" better when I do that. I have never managed to do it while asleep or after falling asleep. I have hit my self in the face with it after falling asleep. Talk about rude awakening! I don't really do it much anymore, but sometimes I might. I haven't heard any stories of me doing as a child so maybe it was alot them either. I do remember doing it alot more often then though. I have not been diagnosed with autism, its just one of my weird quirks. On the other hand, my cousin is autistic, you could tell very early on too. I would say around the 2 month mark. He never made eye contact and was very quiet. When I say never, I mean never. If you did look him in the eye he would look away. He still doesn't make too much eye contact and he is 8 yrs old. He has his stimuli which we all know about, so we know how to tell when he gets too excited or something is agitating him. He still doesn't talk much. Its usually when he thinks no one is around, then you will hear him sing a little ditty to himself. Other times it's around the people he is most comfortable with. He happens to like the way I sing his name, so he talks to me occasionally. He is a great kid, a little sneaky and he LOVES to eat he just doesnt act like what most people would consider "normal".


monica - October 10

my son does the same thing with the stretching and the arm up. At night I swaddle him up so I dont know if he does it night. He also use to do the shaking of the leg like a wet cat. But that has stopped. I say if he is communicating with you that is a good sign.


KrisD - October 10

Communicating? I guess at this point all we have is eye contact from him. My mom and husband are convinced he is smiling at them from time-to-time, but I don't really think so yet. I worked with autistic kids and loved every one of them dearly. But I think that has left me extremely nervous....


Lissi - October 11

I didn't know these were signs of Autism! I thought it was just things like not making eye contact, repetative behaviour, that kind of thing. My baby stretches a lot. She also arches her back a lot too. I'm sure she isn't Autistic!


miranda - October 13

My baby is a week younger than yours, and he does the same things. Judging from the feedback here, they are perfectly normal things to do. I wouldn't worry- if he can make eye contact with you, he's probably just fine.



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