Am I RIDICULOUS For Thinking This

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DANI - January 23

Ok, my ds woke up this am with vomitting (clear liquid) and diarrhea. Yesterday we went to the park to play and he picked up duck poop twice (while I turned my head for a second) and rubbed his face with the contaminated hand. I didn't have any wipes on hand so I had to wait until we got home to wash his hands. Do you think that maybe he could of caught something from the duck poop? He didn't ingest it, he just picked it up a few times and them rubbed his face with that dirty hand. What do you ladies think? Also too he was at a b-day party 3 days ago where one of the boys had diarrhea only and he was nowhere near that kid, so not so sure that he got something from him. Or maybe it's just a little bug that he has. Thoughts? Not stressed out about this but kinda wondering if handling the feces but not ingesting it could get him this sick?


DANI - January 23

Oh, really nothing has changed in his diet and he is 13 mo. old....thanks!!!


Nerdy Girl - January 23

This is certainly NOT a ridiculous question to call and ask your pediatrician. I would call, but then again my ped's office is great about answering any kinds of questions.


LisaB - January 23

I would call your ped and let them know about the duck poop (sheesh the stuff they pick up!!) just to be safe. Who knows if ducks carry something funky. Odd the things you never had to worry about prebabies.


LisaB - January 23

Oh if you do call I'm curious to see what the ped says.


DANI - January 23

i'm going to the ped in about 30 min. i just gave ds 4 oz of pedylyte and he threw it all up. ugh! i feel so sad & helpless right now. what else can i give him? i will let you know what the ped says...


sahmof3 - January 23

Dani... just wondering how your son is doing? Hope he's soon back to 100%.


kellens mom - January 23

It is entirely possible that the duck (goose) poop made him sick. I have been around it (while banding birds) for the past 11 years and have yet to get sick...but I am not young. I do know that a terrible stomach flu is going around the central part of the United States. I would not discount that as another possibilty either. I hope he is feeling better soon. Poor little guy.


Kara H. - January 23

Usually the incubation period for fecal borne illnesses is 1-3 days so it could have come from the sick kid or the duck! E. coli could be a real possiblity when you are exposed to any poo. It only takes the tiniest little fleck of fecal material to contaminate a surface (from duck or child). If it is the same thing that Max had, you had better go to the store and stock up while you can. Hubby and I both came down with it at about 32 hour after Max initially got sick.


Kara H. - January 23

Oh, Max's diarrhea lasted about 2 wks so hang on, its going to be a long bumpy ride.


Rabbits07 - January 23

When they are vomiting it is best to only let them drink an ounce at a time every few minutes or so....and if they vomit let the tummy rest for 20 min. before giving any more. I agree that he could have gotten sick from either. He would not had to have been around the sick child, he would only have needed to touch something that the sick child had touched with hands that were possibly contaminated (and we know that is VERY likely with kids)....also, after touching the duck poo it's a possibility that he touched his hands to his mouth or nose on the way home without you seeing since you were driving. Hope the pedi can help you out...


Lalla - January 24

I hope you ds is ok, and I am curious to find out what the ped said about the duck poo. We go to a park where there are duck and there is alot of poo around - so far my dd is not walking but will be soon.... Hope you lo is feeling better.


DANI - January 25

Hi ladies! Thanks for your support. And sorry I'm posting a few days late, but we've had a rough past few days with this sickness. I took ds into see his ped and we waited for 2 1/2 hrs....OUCH! Not so fun with a sick boy. Anyhow, he was very concerend about him handling duck poop and not so much about him being around the boy with with diarrhea, he wants me to give a fecal sample to make sure that he doesn't have any parasites or salmonella poisoining. He said he wasn't dehydrated and looked fine to him. Well that night was the worst night in 13 mo. (that's how old ds is) he threw up every hour on the hour for about 4 hrs. We would give him couple oz's of water and he would throw that up and then he would want some more fluids b/c he was dehydrated, we would give him a few oz's of pedylite and he threw that on and so forth. As of yesterday he is doing much better. He didn't throw up yesterday and this morning he seems to be doing fine. So I think this is the end of it...........THANK GOD!!! But I will be returning the fecal sample to make sure that all is ok.



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