Am I The Daddy Or Not Anyone Got Some Legal Advice

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Jeff - August 9

i know this site is mainly read by mothers, which is why i am asking my question i know absolutely nothing about pregnancy and children and all that. i was with a girl for 2 weeks last year, and after a drunken night out we had unprotected s_x. This was on the 10th October last year. I stopped seeing her as i found out she was sleeping with 2 other guys! at easter this year she contacted my current girlfriend to tell her that she was pregnant and claimed that it was my baby. I asked her if we could get a DNA test to prove it as i had my doubts. At first she said "my word should be good enough it will turn out looking like u, u will see". This girl was very obsessive and is a compulsive liar, she dragged my gf and myself thru court in her final month of pregnancy claiming that we bashed her n threatend to kill the baby which we did nothing of the sort. Anyway there was an intervention order layed just for the remainder of the pregnancy as the judge said she was unstable. The baby was born on the 5ht july. which was around 20 days earlier then when she told me she was due, however the baby was a healthy 7lb 5oz n the doctors said she was on time. (when the girl told me she was pregnant she said "the docs said im about 6.5-7mths") However on the 9th july her mother called my gf and said she was in labor in case i wanted to be there for the birth of my baby. and they actually tried covering up the date she was born by calling back and saying false alarm then messaging me the following week to tell me she had her during the nite. I have been willing to do a DNA test all along as if it is my baby i want to support it, but the girl wont talk to me. then outta the blue yesterday i recieved a letter from a lawyer containing a stat dec, (which had been filled out by sumone else and left with an X for me to sign and they spelt my name wrong) the letter explained the baby was born on the 5th! a week n half BEFORE they told me she was born. N they said i had 14 days to sign the stat dec or they would take me to court. Now. not only all of these lies have me worried, but the baby does not look a single bit like me, not its eyes. mouth, nose or hair. it actually has bright red hair. my mother, my brother and myself as well as my grandparents on my mothers side are all white blonde. my father and his parents are all black. This girl is dark also. The baby actually bares a striking resemblance to a guy she was sleeping with just before me. but when he asked if it could be his baby she had a go at him saying she was sure it was mine. Can anybody tell me what the chances of this baby actually being mine is? i am going to try asking her for a DNA test tomoro... i dont like my chances tho. she is not a nice girl. Is the red hair a good indicator and the fact that the baby looks NOTHING like me. EVERYONE that has seen the pictures have said it doesnt look like me. :( please help its pulling badly on my heart strings not knowing if this baby is mine or not. and i am not looking forward to the trouble i will be going thru if it is, she has said im to have nothing to do with the baby. and they will take me to court so i cant see it. (her mum is the one behind the court buisness and she does not know about any of the other boys, she only met me, which is why i think shes so bent on it being me so shes not proved to be permiscuous)


hi - August 9

just get the DNA testing even if you have to go to court they are going to have to prove paternity. she can't deny that.


SOLEIL - August 9



N - August 9

definately get a paternity test. I know in canada, i'm not sure about the states, you will have to check where you live, but if there is doubt of paternity, the father pays for the DNA testing. If it comes back that the baby is not yours, they will give you your money back. I think you should get yourself a lawyer who will order these tests done whether she likes it or not.


Liz - August 9

Just to let you know. You do have the right to request a paternity test which she can not refuse. If she gives you a hard time you can actually get a court to order it especially if she is getting your name into things. DO NOT sign anything until you know things for sure. Once you sign things, your accepting responsibility. If you are really being pressured by her taking you to court or whatever, you might want to talk to a lawyer. In reg to the red hair-even if it does not run in your family, you can't really go just by that. We do not have red hair in our family and my brother was born with bright red hair that eventually changed to blondish and then brown. But from the dates that you say and mostly the fact that she was sleeping with other people at the time-there's a good chance it may not be yours. Good Luck!


Michelle - August 9

I would not sign anything. If they are threatening to take you to court for not signing it, I would think you may want it to go that route anyways since she is not cooperating with the testing. Once the issue is brought before a judge, she will be court ordered to prove that you are the father of the baby and she will not have any other say. In my opinion, it would probably be best to get a lawyer and go to court. Many states have Fathers Rights groups that offer legal advise and referrals to lawyers that work with you on payments if money for an attorney is an issue as well. If it turns out that it is proved in court that you are not the father, you can attempt to go after her for reimburs____nt of all legal fees as well.


P - August 9

As Liz stated, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING!!! You have the right to a DNA test. I suggest you to speak to a family lawyer, a lot will give you a half hour of their trime for free and I suggest you take advantage of that.


Amber - August 9

This sounds like a maury show haha but seriously get a dna test and good luck to you



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