Am I The Only Failure

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KrisD - December 21

My 3.5 month old will only sleep in his car seat during the day.... Today I wrestled with him ALL DAY LONG to try and get him to sleep in the pack-n-play. He howled all afternoon and did not sleep one wink. Finally, he won. He is asleep in the car seat in front of the TV set. This is ridiculous... Will he be ten years old sleeping in his car seat? How do you guys do it? Do you put your babies down at regular naptimes? Or is it like my situation... Where all of a sudden he has decided it's nap time and falls asleep in the seat? I'm boggled. I'd like to establish some sort of pattern here... UGHH.


Sarah-Natalees mama - December 21

I am in the same situation. My girl is almost 4 months. I have to put her in the carseat and bounce and walk around-the washer/dryer doesnt work anymore. I use a one of those exercise b___s and bounce her in front of the tv till she goes out then she will only sleep for maybe 20-30 mins. I need help too!


The real Lissi - December 21

Sometimes Nadya will only sleep in my arms, which is worse than the car seat. I end up spending most of the afternoon sitting and watching daytime T.V. when I ought to be working, because I can't put her down. I have to make her sleep, because she gets really cranky at night otherwise. As for a routine, forget it! She falls asleep and feeds at different times every day. I feel like a failure too. So glad I'm not the only one!


The real Lissi - December 21

P.S. She's 3 months old.


Steph - December 21

My opinon is let them sleep where they want. My daughter slept in her swing for months because that's all she would do. Anytime else, she would cry and scream until I gave in. Once she out grew sleeping in the swing, which was about six months, she was okay sleeping in her crib. She was not on a "schedule" until she was about 6 months old as well. She just kind of did what she wanted, like your son. And LOL at being 10 and sleeping in a car seat!! I thought the same freaking thing!! I wondered if I'd have to shake her bed until she fell asleep!! And, BTW, she's 7 now and goes to sleep just fine. Good luck to you!! :o)


Frances - December 21

My darling son only wanted to sleep in the swing during the day. I let him have his way and he still turned out normal and sleeps in his own bed every night. He is 4 years old and he has better sleep patterns than most of the kids we know in his age group. This is really not something to be worried about!


sam - December 22

my baby is the same. she will only sleep in her car seat. i try to put her in the cot but she cries until i give in. i then put her in the car seat and she goes straight to sleep. im so worried about it!!!


michelle - December 22

i wish my daughter liked her car seat she hates hers. she will scream and scream. the only way i get her to sleep is rocking her almost to death and patting her b___t. but as soon as my friend walks in the door she pa__ses out. she will fall asleep with anyone but me.


lisa - December 22

i feel like lissi too, baby einstein dvds work for keeping her busy when i need to do something but she will only go to sleep when i go shopping or out in pushchair, not in house, but nights are great, my mum is sure i should put her down to sleep but she goes red/purple crying and i cant stand for her to be so distressed, but my cream sofa is getting in a mess with me sat there all day watching tv on the internet, eating and drinking over the sofa.... thanks steph for showing us there is a light, but how did you cope with the guilt, how many minsof screaming before sleep and how long begfore she could do it herslef


lisa - December 22

michelle i just read your message, jasmin does similar in that she is good as gold at other peoples houses, as soon as we get in the door to my flat she just wants to feed feed feed aghhhh, im sure people see me shopping for hours everyday and wonder why my house is such a mess when ive so much time for shopping!!!!


tiffani - December 22

Let me put all your fears to rest. My son slept in his car seat and his swing until he was nearly 6 months old. I think they just feel cozier in those things. Eventually he made it to the crib, but to be honest with you, I don't remember how we made the transition. There's absolutely no harm in letting them sleep in them, so don't worry about it. Maybe by the time your baby turns 6 months, you probably won't feel as bad about letting him/her cry it out in the crib until they fall asleep, which is probably how we did it. :o)


Narcissus - December 22

KrisD, we are not in control over when and where our babies like to sleep. It's not some textbook problem that we can solve so easily. Eventually, he will outgrow his car seat and the next one will not be as comfortable for him to sleep in. He will find comfort somewhere else. My son did not move to his crib for a full nights sleep until he was 5 months old.


Kristina - December 22

Tasia will only sleep in her carseat as well!!!! She is 7 weeks old. Everytime we put her in her cradle she screams! she likes to sleep upright rather than flat on her back I I think she likes it better cause it "hugs" her more than the cradle. we tried the cradle for about a week then gave up because I was just sooo tired. I would hold her until she fell asleep and then put her in her cradle and she would wake up 20 minits later screaming! Oh well...she is still sleeping in her carseat and she sleeps for like 5 hours in it so I guess if it works it works! =S


monica - December 22

my son takes 10 min naps through out the day. I wish he would take good naps. but when we go out he can sleep 3 hours straight...I know he does love his car seat. But at night he sleeps 12 hours straight in his i dont get it why cant he do it during the day??? At least he naps....


T. - December 22

My daughter won't sleep long in her crib yet. I keep her in bed w/ me and hubby. She is on my side because he might roll over on her. I try to put her in her crib that is in our room, but she just plays and rolls around in there like it is a playpen, lol! Well, hopefully, she will start liking her crib soon.



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