Am I The Only That Feels This Way

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monica - December 20

OK yes I have gone post happy today...this is the last for today...I hope.... Well I am I believe the oldest person on this forum so maybe thats why my bones and joint ache so much. does anyone else feel this way...I am br___t feeding do you think it has to do with that....I feel so old!!! I have exercised all my life but I have not in about a year so I am hoping once I get a routine going I will feel better.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 20

I'm almost 29 and I ache every day! I really think its because Lucas weighs so much, but I feel ancient!


Lisastar9 - December 20

Having a new baby to carry around you feel the sore muscles,so our litttle ones give us more Mommy muscles. I will no doubt feel that way even though I pick up my 3 years old no you are not the oldest on this forum I bet you a sportmen bet I am older then you. I can most likely guareentee it. I had my first at 36 so you can figure it out . Lol ...not that it is a guessing game or hard to do the math.


monica - December 20

OK lisa your right about the age...I am 34 years old....My Dh actually said I was old yesterday...and I told him do you see just one wrinkle on my stayed quiet after that....thank God no wrinkles for me yet. They only thing half way slim on my is my arms and its probably from carrying my almost 18 lb baby.


??? - December 20

34 is old???-try 40 dear! so now you can feel better that you're not the oldest person on this forum. but i don't feel 40. i still exercise which i think has alot to do with feeling good and i try-I try to eat right about 80% of the time.


Christy - December 20

I am 31 and feel tired most of the time. My back (which I've injured several times on the job from lifting people) always seems to hurt, as does my neck. I am sure age is only part of the "problem" though. Monica- How old is your dh?


Sheri - December 20

Okay--I am 42, 43 next month! I have a 9 week old girl, and bones, joints and muscles are especially sore! (My other kids are 17, 15 and 12, by the way!)


monica - December 20

my DH is 36 but he acts like a 16 year old. Last night he got mad because I turned off the tv while he was watching home alone 2....geez I was trying to get my 5 year old to bed so I turned off the tv to his my sons attention.


monica - December 20

I meant to say to get his attention. I have to type fast at work..... :)


Christy - December 20

If he is 36, what is he razzing you about your age for? Silly man. You just tell him, "Right back at ya, chief."


KrisD - December 21

Well, I turn 32 in 2 weeks and MY JOINTS KILL. It has been getting better bit by bit though. I sort of blamed it on the epidural and the excess fluid.... But even my finger joints were sore when I woke up in the morning. I run 3 miles a day, that seems to help a bit. But my joints are still sore. Hope it gets better...


The real Lissi - December 21

I'm 34 too Monica. I used to think I looked young for my age, but having a baby has really taken it's toll on me. I look like an old mommy now, and I feel like one too! :(


KrisD - December 21

Tell me about it Lissi. I think I am very young looking too.... But all of a sudden I feel like I have aged ten years. Wrinkles, saggy skin, the Mom body... It's all down hill from here now!


Brooke Mama Crow aka Brachah - December 21

I am 36 years old today ... feel 56 ... but many people like to say this new baby will keep me "young" ... we'll see ... at least I am starting to make new friends on here to chit-chat about all this stuff. (I didn't have this outlet with my first two children.)



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