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pinkbo0tlace - January 21

Question. I live in Minnesota right now, but I would love to move to Texas next fall. My question is, is that since I have two children with different fathers and I wasn't married to either of them (wow...that makes me look bad lol ) one is paying his child support and the other way is in the works of getting established, can I move to Texas next fall or can the fathers legally stop me from moving because the kids would be going with me? or no because we were never married?


SonyaM - January 21

I have no idea but would love to have you in Texas. What area do you want to move to? I have lived in San Antonio my entire life (other than college and then it was in San Marcos 45 minutes up the road) so let me know if you have any questions about this area.


Brittany - January 21

I don't know either but I would think that you'd have to contact the courts and tell them your moving and figure out child support and whatnot. The father might be able to stop you from moving. I really don't know though...I watch all the court shows on TV lol. Get in touch with an attorney or court, it might be a ha__sle but it's better in the long run, you don't want to get charged with kidnapping! Good luck and you don't look bad, things happen, as long as your takin care of your kids and being a good mommy, thats what matters!


Keli - January 21

usually, if you move out of state, and the father has visiting rights, you would have to pay the travel expense. But if you get a lawyer, and he doesnt, you can draw up the papers to benefit you. Do you have custody/visitation/childsupport papers? I live in Texas. DFW area


pinkbo0tlace - January 22

naw, dd father just pays child support and sees dd once in awhile - she doesnt even know him as "dad", lol.. my ds father... i have no clue about him lol lol . I graduate in September with Medical Billing & Coding. So, an area in Texas that is affordable (because I heard Texas is expensive to live in) but near a bigger city... I'd love to get to know you SonyaM because if I do move down there it would be just me & my children. I don't have family or anything like that down there. I just have lived in Minnesota my whole life and would like a change.


jwhite - January 22

Texas is not expensive to live in pinkbo0tlace.. I live in Dallas TX and we moved down to TX when I was 5 because it was cheaper than living in Oregon and there are more jobs available. What area are you thinking about moving to pinkbo0tlace??


mcatherine - January 22

If they have court ordered visitation and child support - you have to get the court's permission to leave the state with the child if the father objects. Just because he (or them) may object doesn't mean the courts will make you stay where you are - especially if you are moving for livelihood reasons, but if either of them seem to give you any trouble - I would certainly hire an attorney. The fact that there aren't really any visitations weighs heavily in your favor. If you plan to do it without the courts and the fathers say ok, then go ahead. After one year the state you move to will become your children's domicile and they will be able to collect back support for you.


aggie03 - January 22

San Antonio is cheap, and there is a lot of Medical jobs in the Houston area.


SonyaM - January 22

aggie03, are you in San Antonio? pinkbo0tlace, Texas is pretty cheap in general. I would say San Antonio and Houston are the cheapest big cities. Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth are more expensive. What do you do for work?



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