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TinaMarie - July 12

ME! Ok I have been wanting to ask this for a few days but it sounds kind of silly. The last week or so when I hold my dd or kiss her head it feels quite warm, so obviously I get concerned and take her temp. It is always in the normal range (99-99.9 rectally), I do not want to take her temp for no reason but she was feeling really warm. Our house is not very hot as we have air conditioning. I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Should I be concerned?


Kel - July 12

Me too!!! I'll be holding my dd and I'll be like, gosh her head feels warm but then I feel her forhead and cheeks and they feel normal. I've taken her temperature a couple of times and it's been normal. Our AC is almost always on a normal temp so I'm not sure what it is. I figure it because she is in her swing, being held or laying on the floor, etc. cause she can't sit up una__sisted yet.


Bonnie - July 12

It must be normal as Mason is SO warm blooded as well. I am forever checking his temp, lol.


TinaMarie - July 12

I am so thankful I am not just crazy! I drive my hubby INSANE with it!


kr - July 12

ok, I noticed the same you think it's because our LOs have only a little hair and all the heat is escaping from their heads?


Heather F - July 12

I asked my pedi about this because I was also always worried dd had a fever and he told me it was normal!


rl - July 12

babies lose the heat in their body thru their heads...that's why in the hospital they put those little caps on them....


jas - July 12

Exactly... Ever watch the superbowl? See the players on the sidelines in winter - you can see the steam coming off the tops of their heads. Same principle. Heat escapes through the head - if you ever notice, put your hand on your cheek - then put it on top of your head (work through the hair so you are on the scalp) you'll notice a difference.


jas - July 12

You only notice it more on your baby because you come in contact with the tops of their heads more. I know I am constantly kissing the top of my ds head when I am holding him.


Sarahsmommy - July 12

I have always wondered this too. I knew about the heat loss though the head, it never occured to be that the forehead would be part of that. I'm so ditzy sometimes.


ash2 - July 12

i have noticed that too, but i think that it is the sensitivity if your lips. try touching the forehead with your hand next time.


kristie h - July 13

I dont know if anyone knows this but i was told that if you want to check your babys temp feel how warm there tummy is, I have touched my sons for head b4 and i was warm then i touched his tummy and it was very hot and took his temp and he had a slight fever. I dont know if anyone esle had herd this but thats what a mid wife told me.



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