Anna Nicole Smith Just Died

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Kara H. - February 8

CNN just reported that Anna Nicole is dead. She was staying at the Hard Rock Casino in LV. Initial reports say that she had a cardiac event. She just got word today that she would have to submit her 6 month old daughter to a paternity test to weasel looking ex-boyfriend of hers. Her attorney said she has been sick with flu-like symptoms for the last couple of days. The corninor who did her son's autopsy said that he had a rare heart condition that is often heriditary and that even mild drug use could cause a cardiac event. So tragic that her poor baby has to grow up without a mom and a dad that was just after her mom's money.


piratesmermaid - February 8

I just saw that too! Crazy. I do feel for her daughter, though.


ry - February 8

So sad. I just saw this too. She was obviously abusing drugs, and my heart is absolutely broken for that beautiful little baby of hers. She has no family to speak of now and no one even knows who her father is. Its just tragic.


ssmith - February 8

What?!?! Are you serious? I just saw her on The Insider last night! That's nuts....


ashtynsmom - February 8

Yes, I just heard that too! How sad for that poor little girl!!


SonyaM - February 8

I just heard that too excpet the radio said she was in Florida. Not that it matters but weird. So sad. I feel for her poor daughter.


sahmof3 - February 8

That's sad. I wonder what will happen to that poor baby!


Danielle19 - February 8

I think her new boyfriend killed thme both so he can have all of her money, i feel really bad for that little girl,


cae - February 8

omg..I have heard anything about this yet....Where have I been????? SO sad.


KLC - February 8

That is awful. I was hoping that she would get it together. Poor baby girl left with out a mom. I think that the lose of her son was just too much for her. I can't even imagine.


KLC - February 8

You know I was just thinking. I bet that she commited suicide. She lost her son and she and TrimSpa were being sued. The whole paternity scandal. So sad, such a senseless loss of life.


ry - February 8

I was thinking that too Kristy. But I cant imagine her leaving that poor baby all alone in the world...


ash2 - February 8

I knew when i logged onto this that this would be all over the place, lol...Well i think it was a drug overdose. She and her son were really big drug users and so i think it caught up with her. I feel so sad for the baby...


Jennifer28 - February 8

It is very sad. That poor baby girl. Her life is going to be in a frenzy for the next few weeks at least - thanks to the media and the paternity questions. I read somewhere the baby is still in the Bahamas - even though Nicole died in Florida. I'm sure it will be a while b4 the right/full story gets out.


ssmith - February 8

This is really bad to say.....and it's just my opinion......but I felt just as bad for the baby when Anna Nicole was alive. She was a bit of a disaster. It's just all-around sad.


Lchan - February 8

I have to agree. My first thought was that it was a non-accidental drug overdose. Big shocker though, and so tragic for her daughter!


sahmof3 - February 8

ssmith... I know. You don't like to speak ill of the dead, but I thought the same thing!



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