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cw - May 1

So I have a 10 year son and a 11 month old daughter and I think I have been bitten by the baby bug again. I am thinking of having 1 more so my DD will have someone to share things with as she grows. Am I totally crazy? BTW I just turned 34?


DDT - May 1

No not crazy, I am also daydreaming about being pregnant again. I have a 2 year old son and a 11 month old son. If I was a SAHM I would totally be TTC but I go back to work next month and should really focus on my career a little before TTC again. We need to get settled in a bigger house to. So, we have decided to start trying in about 1.5-2 years. I was talking to a friend of mine and we both agreed that by the time our lo's were 9-10 months the baby bug started to set in. Must be something programmed in our mama brains lol! BTW I am 28 next month. My Mom had her last lo when she was 36 so if you're implying you're getting on the old-ish side don't worry about that. If fiances/career aren't stopping you then I say go ahead and start TTC. We also want lo's fairly close in age. My sons are 15 months apart and are already becoming playmates.


austynsmommy - May 2

Your not crazy at all. I just found out i'm pregnant again and my baby is only 4 months olds. I would say go for it.


tish212 - May 3

I would say it is completely normal. I had it when my DD was about 4 was all I could talk about and think poor DH I kept telling him our DD needed a sibling close in age, and we should start trying. He said he wanted to wait though and we agreed to wait until she was 2. HOWEVER!!! when she was 9 months old I found out I was pregnant...(and I was on BC!!!) So here I am almost 8 months pregnant with number 2, with a 16 almost 17 month old. I thought it would be sooo hard, but it isn't... I am a bit more tired than normal...but the aches and pains of pregnancy, well I have gotten used to them so it isn't hard chasing around my lil lady...just tricky now to carry her around my big belly! And another thing...since I have to run around behind her so much I haven't put on weight! I am all belly! So I would say...if you and your DH agree, then GO FOR IT, all I have heard from people is how much my DD is going to love having a lil sister so close in age to her! Good luck, and sorry to ramble on, I always do lol!


cw - May 11

Thank you for the replies. DH has told me to go ahead and have my IUD removed so we can start trying. Now I am the one that is holding I think I will make an apt to have it removed in 6-8 months and see how things go. The urge hasnt gone away but I have to figure out childcare and budget, but having said that I caught myself looking at double strollers today online :)


tish212 - May 11

It is completely up to you and when you feel ready.. (of course do we ever feel FULLY ready?) but I am glad that you and your DH are on the same page thats GREAT, a lt of couples have issues with deciding on the next, but it sounds to me like you have a great man!! Keep us posted if you change your mind... (or if by some chance "something happens" :)


cw - May 11

He is a good man, and really I think he wouldnt care how many if we could afford them.. lol I will take out the IUD by the time she is 18 mon and see what happens until I turn 37... Congrats on your new baby on the way. When are you due?



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