Another Car Seat Question

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olhdw101 - February 12

I’m reading all this info that 5-point car seats are the best but what about 3 point car seats? You know the ones where the belt goes over the head and shoulders and buckles between the legs. I have one that I used for my older daughter (8 years old) and now we use it for dd#2 (7 months) in my husbands truck…..are they ok, does anyone know if they are a big no no?


jb - February 12

I know that car seats do expire. I thought they were only good for 5 years or something like that. Look at the seat and look for an expiration date on it.


Nerdy Girl - February 12

I am not sure that they make 3 point infant carriers anymore, do they? I think you might still be able to buy a 3 point convertible seat, but even that might be tough nowadays. The 5 point harness has been proven more effective from what I have read. Safety devices improve over time with continued research and development. I am not sure that they exactly "expire' like jb said. For example, now all cars have dual airbags. Are their still cars on the road without a pa__senger side airbag? Yes there are (my FIL drives one!) , but manufacturers don't make them that way anymore because saftey tests have shown the 2nd airbag to be so beneficial. I think that if the 3 point harness seat is in your husband's truck and he is not the primary driver of the kids, then you might not have to worry as much because her time in that seat will be limited anyway. You really just have to think it thru and see what makes you comfortable.


Heather F - February 13

car seats expire after 5 years because the plastic breaks down and they become less effective in a crash in addition to that the 3 point harness is no longer sold as it is less effective then a 5 point harness....if the old one your talking about is only your extra carseat I would throw it out and switch the good carseat between both cars.



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