Another Food Question

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LisaB - June 12

I bought stage two food such as apples & blueberries and raspberries & pears mixed are these ok? I know strawberries are a no-no but what about the blueberries and raspberries? Ds has already had apples and pears.


pbj - June 12

My doc said no berries until age 1, so I was a little confused by the jars mixed with different berries. I guess all doctors vary on their opinions. I'd be interested to see if anyone else has tried these too.


Crissy - June 12

Hey LisaB, I have tried the apples and blueberries and my dd loves them. I also found one that had apples, bananas, and strawberries, and I thought that was strange since strawberries can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, and dh was allergic to them when he was younger. But she has eaten them both and really likes them.. especially the apple, banana and strawberry one! LOL She is 8 months old, btw.


olivia - June 12

I was also told no berries at all until 1. I am not sure why they make the babyfood with it in there if it is that bad.


SonyaM - June 12

I had never heard of the berry rule until a friend recently mentioned it so I put those on hold. I did try the citrus ones (like orange medly, pinapple, etc.) and it gave my son a red bottom so I decdied to put those on hold for a while too.


LisaB - June 12

And what about the strawberry Gerber puffs? Forgot to ask about those.


RB - June 12

good ? lisa - i was wondering about those strawberry gerber puffs too... also, does anyone know what an allergic rash is like? is it more hivey or eczema'ish? (yup, that's a real word :)


MichelleB - June 13

I found this very confusing in the beggining as well, they I just let baby lead the way. My doctor is pretty lenient on feeding. The only food I have not given my almost 10 month old is peanut b___ter, but my mom did. I blend frozen berries with milk and feed him a smoothee..he loves it. I think you just have to watch whatever you feed your baby to make sure they are not allergic, and keep in mind, they can be allergic to anything, not just teh high risk stuff.



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