Another Formula Question

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mandee25 - January 30

How long do you keep your bottle of formula out of the fridge before you feed it to your baby? Is it okay to leave it out for a half hour before a feed? If your baby feeds for a bit and then falls asleep how long is it safe to keep out in case he wakes up within the next hour or so? Basically, how long can you let it sit safely after your child has had some of it before throwing it out? It doesn't really say on the can. It just says to discard any unused formula. I never reheat it.


vonzo - January 30

I make up all my bottles firstthing in the morning and keep them in the fridge until 5-10 mins before i feed her and warm it up. Half an hour seems fine to me too though. As for how long to keep formula i would say if your lo falls asleep for 10-20mins during a feed and wants some morewhen they wake up then its fine to use again, any longer than that and i would throw it away because germs form from their saliva. With my dd though there's very rarely any formula left :o)


Kara H. - January 30

I was told the bottle can be out of the fridge one hour total then it has to tossed. I will reheat once, if he falls asleep during the feeding or just isn't that hungry. But the combined time of both trips out of the fridge will be less than one hour. Prepared formula really needs to be used up in a day to a day-and-a-half.


bradylove - January 30

I don't keep a bottle for more than 1 hour at room temp. If I am getting ds ready for a bath, I usually take a bottle, out of the fridge, upstairs with me and once the bath is done (maybe 15 minutes) then I warm it up. If he hasn't finished in 1 hour (which hardly ever happens anymore at 8 mos) then I toss it.


Danielle19 - January 30

i don't store in the fridge i just make em as i need them but i will leave it out for an hour to hour and half then toss it


bradylove - January 30

The reason I store mine in the fridge is that I use liquid concentrate. Health Canada recommends against using the powder since it is more susceptible to contamination because of how it has to be handled. I have used it before, usually only closer to weaning from the bottle because it is too costly to use the concentrate at that time and there is too much waste. Not to mention that by then, babies have much stronger immune systems.


CaliTrish - January 30

I use Enfamil LIPIL powder. The can says it can be stored in the refrigerator for 24 hours or left out at room temperature for 2 hours, but it should be tossed after an hour if the baby has drank from the bottle.



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