Another Poop Question

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LisaB - May 7

How often should a 6 month old be going? My ds was always 2-4 times a day now we have been introducing solids and hes only gone once in 3 days he seems constipated and was up fussing all last night. We are having a tough time with solids first with food allergies and now tummy problems anyone else?


austinsmom - May 9

My ds is only 4 months and and one week but I have went over this poop problem again and again........if you think your baby is constipated give him water ( I make sure it is sterile water myself) this was recommended by nurse and worked can also mix baby apple juice with water half and half and that helps as if you are sure he is constipated and you think he is fussy because of that the nurse said you could put vaseline on qtip and insert into a___l area and coat area just on the inside with vaseline it may stimulate him to go right then but even if it does not it provides lubrication for when he does go and that helps him push it out........your baby is not constipated if when he goes it is not hard if it is still the consistancy of peanut b___ter or so then really he is ok.......I must say though 2-4 times a day to me is amazing my ds has'nt went that often since a couple of weeks after he was born!!!!! If poop is like peanut b___ter it may just be gas try those gas drops they sure enough help loads........I am a new mom so just take my advice with a grain of salt since my baby is younger than yours .......I do hope this info I have given helps :-) good luck! oh and by the way my lo goes once every 2-3 days and sometimes even on 4th day and turns out he is just fine and I have been paranoid about the poop for nothing...


Kel - May 10

I just went to the doctor for this yesterday. Although my baby is only 7 weeks old, the doctor said to mix 1 ounce of water with 1 tsp of sugar. I don';t know if my baby justs happen to have to go, but about 10 minutes after feeding her that, she was poo! He said I could do it once a day.



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