Another Question About Cradle Cap Sorry

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Shelly - November 24

I know this has been asked probably a million times,but since Jesse has it bad I need some imput.he even has a line on his scalp that goes around the cradle cap.It is not bothering him and the soonest the doc can see him for that is dec 2.Besides oiling his head,trying to brush it out,using a rougher terrycloth on it and washing his head twice a day what else can I do?


April - November 24

Stop washing his head so much you are drying it out even more. Some kids have it no matter what you do. Both of mine did. My 6 yr old still gets dry patches from time to time. The only thing I've found that works is oil and a comb. Even then it's only a temp fix. Will you let me know what the dr says when you go? Thanks.


Shelly - November 24

I sure will April.I guess I will wash it less,but the "flakes' are pretty thick.It is hard to comb it out.


-m - November 24

I agree with April, try only washing his hair every other day with regular baby shampoo. Not the all over baby body wash.


CEM - November 24

I agree with all the advice given so far, Shelly. There's not much more you can do as their little heads naturally produce oil on a daily basis. When my first had it bad, I got an oil product specifically for cradle cap, and it worked well.


Shelly - November 24

Has anybody heard from using anti-dandruff shampoo? Like head n' shoulders?? I heard this from a nurse,but I am just not sure about it>


karine - November 25

i agree with washing babies head less. i used to wash it everyday, for my son, but he got that too. i oiled it and only washed his hair twice a week instead. but i would take a damp cloth to wet the hair (hand wash it) the other days. and within a month it was gone


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 25

I wash my son's hair every other day and after each bath would put on creamy baby oil and ma__sage the cradle cap flakes with his soft bristle brush. It worked like a charm and went away within days. Every now and then I see a spot or two of it and just treat it like I normally would. Clears up good!


Jbear - November 25

My daughter has it pretty bad too...we're using baby oil and washing with johnson & johnson baby shampoo twice a week, but so far it's not helping. My mom said she had to get prescription shampoo for my sister when she was an it is possible, or it was 23 years ago...In the meantime, aren't you glad it's winter and you can put a hat on him when you go out? We're getting quite a hat collection for our daughter, because I keep wanting to cover hers up.


Shelly - November 25

I agree Jbear,when I do get out I put a hat on him.It just looks like I don't take care of him,I know I do,but the feeling is still there.I used to wash his head every other day,and thats when he got the cradle cap BAD,so I thought,I will oil him,brush him and scrub him once or twice a day,but like I said nothing seems to help.Wheter I shampoo him often or not.


Kim - November 26

I have been using selsun blue, an anti-dandruff shampoo. It was recommended to me by a doctor for use 2-3 times a week. My brother used it with his son last year and his cradle cap was gone in less than 10 days. I have only used this 2x now and it is working. Be careful to keep this out of your baby's eyes. I also use cetaphil cleanser on my son's head every day. It is completely safe for babies and recommended for cradle cap as well. It has properties that can moisturize dry skin and has work well for my son so far. When using either product, I ma__sage it into his scalp well and then rinse with a washcloth.


Kim - November 26

I forgot to mention that both of the products I have been using are available at any drugstore. The cetaphil cleanser is for gentle skin and can be used for the baby's body as well.


Shelly - November 26

Thank you Kim!! (and everybody else).I will let you know how it goes.


amy p - November 26

both of my boys had cradle cap and there is this stuff you can buy in a green bottle it is called natures miracle and it is in the baby section at walmart. that stuff is have to put it on their head, let it set wash out and then do it again. after 3 days it was gone....good luck!



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