Another Rolling Over Question

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DeeJay - February 13

Sorry, I know this has been on here before but my dd just did this last night so I am worried. She just finally learned how to roll back to tummy, but not tummy to back yet. This morning when my dh went in to check on her she was on her tummy sleeping!!!! She did have her head turned so she could breath but it was still scarry to me and I made him turn her back on her back. I also wrap her in a fuzzy fleace blanket because it is so cold in our house, but now I think I better use a thinner blanket in case she rolls and puts her face in the blanket. I guess all babies start doing this, but at 5 1/2 months do you ladies think I should try to prop something around her so she can't roll or do you think she should be ok? I just wouldn't want anything to happen, and since she can't yet get back to her back she will be stuck on her tummy. What do you think?


shelly - February 13

deejay i worried about this and constantly used to turn ds back when he rolled on his belly and couldnt roll back, i used a bolster which was brilliant and i still use now ,it just goes under his armpits and hes comfy in it ,he cant roll with it there,he tried a couple of times then gave up lol, ds is almost 7 months and i still use it, i worried about the blankets to so i just use a grobag and it keeps him warm ,no worry about blankets over heads and its harder for them to roll in it as well, i know they say once baby can roll its safe to let they sleep how they like ,at this point ds could only roll one way and i was worried that he culdnt turn back and would get stuck,but i found the bolster let me sleep withut worrying about constantly getting up to turn him over,you can use the bolster until they are fully sitting up on their own,they are great and small and light and fully safe,good luck.


Ashleyg - February 13

even though docs dont reccommend it, mason has been sleeping on his back since he was 5 weeks old and he could turn his head. it is the only way he would sleep...


BriannasMummy - February 13

Ive been told that once your baby can roll its safe to let them sleep how they want. My pediatrician told me that when a baby gets to that stage they usually have enough mobility to keep their heads in a place where they can breath. I think youre good in thinkin to use a thinner blanket so that the babys face wont be buried in something heavy making it hard to breath. Congratulations on a rolling baby though!! ~Kristin~



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