Another Sex Qustion

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...Inquiring - October 23

When did you start having s_x again? Did it hurt? And are you suppose to have your doctor's appointment before you start having s_x?


glendy - October 23

well...I just had my little boy four weeks ago by c section, so i have not had s_x yet so i can't answer if it hurts or not...although I've heard that the first few times are not very comfortable....but my doctor did tell me that I shouldn't have s_x until I see her again and she makes sure everything is healing as it should and what not...I'm sure there are those that do not wait for the doctor's i don't know..i guess a lot of it is just you being ready.


-m - October 23

I had a c-section a couple of months ago. My husband and I had s_x about 5 1/2 weeks after the c-section. The first time hurt a little bit and the next few times were a little uncomfortable. But now everything is back to normal. My doctor didn't tell me not to until my apointment, she just said wait at least 4-6 weeks then after that whenever you feel ready.


Jbear - October 24

I had s_x a week after my first c-section, and three weeks after my second. Waiting three weeks was much more comfortable. Both times they told me not to have s_x, use tampons or douche for six weeks after the baby.


KH - October 24

I waited 8 weeks after c section and it was fine. It did hurt after 6 weeks with my v____al, but I tore also. HTH


Barb - October 24

well...our baby is 12 days old and I don't see the doc. until the 28th of Nov. which would put me at almost 7 weeks after delivery...I didn't want to wait that long. We had s_x this weekend, which was probably too soon, but I feel fine down there, no st_tches or tears or was a little uncomfortable, but I missed my hubby so much! :)


Emma - October 25

I will be 6 weeks postpartum tomorrow and I'm totally scared yet very eager to reconnect with my husband. I know he is definitly ready lol he is even sucking up a little... he brought me breakfast in bed this morning and gave me a ma__sage last night..oh, it feels so good to lie down on my stomach after 10 months of not!! Anyway, we'll probably give it go one of these days. On the plus side, after 8 weeks of no s_x, it's not like I'll have to do deal with the pain (if any) for long..!


KJL - October 26

I had s_x three weeks after my son was born. I did have st_tches but it really wasn't that bad.



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