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monica - October 17

does SIDS only happen in their crib or could it happen if they are sleeping in their car seat, swing etc.


BBK ® © - October 17

Don't know monica, but the whole SIDS occurence stumps docs (and yours truly). Anyway, one of the AAP recommendations in reducing SIDS is to "Avoid having the infant spend excessive time in car-seat carriers and bouncers."


monica - October 17

I wish they would explain why. T


monica - October 17

oops pressed submit too fast. anyway there was a website that someone sent me that the crib mattress throws out some kind of chemical and that is what causes the baby to die. But they were also trying to sell their mattress covers that was suppose to prevent sids.


BBK ® © - October 17

Theories are plenty though! If a chemical in the mattress was the cause, then it would not be sids, but some sort of poisoning. The autopsy should reveal that I would think.... the recommendations mind you are not based on any scientific reasoning but just statistics. Now, smoking around an infant is common sense, but the other recommendations are based on the a__sumption that SIDS is caused by asphyxiation.... well, nothing like that has been found either. SIDS by definition means we have no clue why!


Shelly - October 17

What is considered excessive time and why are bouncers considered a risk?


keeks - October 17

I don't think it's just the crib. One mom I know lost her baby while sleeping with her. Another baby pa__sed away in mom's arms while walking. So you really can't just say crib death. Its much saver to lower the risk by not smoking, no excess blankets/comforters in the crib, and let the baby have his or her own sleeping area. (((Hugs))))


BBK ® © - October 17

Shelly I don't know why bouncers are considered a risk.... I just saw it this year in the AAP site. I don't think anyone knows the why, and it's all statistic driven.


to keeks - October 17

i was just wondering where u heard that the baby pa__sed while being held. I have never heard of this before i was under the a__sumption that it happened in their sleep and usually while the parents were asleep too.(less noticable)


Shelly - October 17

I have been thinking about it,carseats makes a littlemore sense to me but bouncers? I can't come up with an explanation can you?


HP - October 17

After feeding, my baby has to be sit upright for awhile so he won't puke. Thats why I like to sit him up in his bouncer for half hour after each feedings. I hope thats not considered excessive time. Thanks for the info BBK.


BBK ® © - October 17

My daughter LOVES her bouncer. I can't think of a reason why it can cause SIDS, but then we don't know the cause.... I personally think there is more than one causes but we can't find them all. I'm aslo baffled as to why suffocation is still included under SIDS. I mean, suffocation as tragic as it is, at least we can diagnose and know the specific cause; we can even attempt to prevent it. SIDS as "unknown and unspecified causs" we DONT know. They should be unbundled going forward. BTW, here is the full 11 page revised AAP policy on SIDS in case you mised the link in the previous article (no dashes):


P - October 17

SIDS can happen anywhere at any time. I too, have heard of babies dying in their carseats, parents arms, playpens etc. It's also not restricted to nighttime; naptime is just as possible. Kinda makes you want to scream huh? There is nothing you can do to prevent it, you can only try to reduce the risk by putting baby to sleep on his/her back, not allowing anyone to smoke in the house/car (ever!) and try not to let your baby overheat at night. SIDS in itself is not a diagnosis, it just means they could find no other explanation (ie: choking or suffocation) for the death of an apparently healthy baby.


chelsey - October 17

I'm just wondering, maybe if they consider car seat and bouncers to cause SIDS, is because.....I heard from a nurse in the hospital that a lot of what they used to think was SIDS, ended up to be undetected neck injuries, from baby's head jerking forward or back. Apparently, the spinal cord at the base of the neck would be damaged or severed. Maybe they think that the head and neck aren't properly supported when there is prolonged car seat or bouncer use? Or that the baby is more likely to jerk its head around violently, when in the upright position. I dunno, just a thought and maybe some insight to this mystery! I'm going to do a google (search- for you dirty minded people!), and see if I'm just b__wing smoke out of my a**!


Chelsey - October 17

Okay, I found a few articles pertaining to my theory, but the main concern that I kept seeing was about the ability to get enough oxygen while seated in an upright position. Lots of info, if someone wanted to do some reading! I just finished reading way to many sad stories and facts, that I dont want to search anymore.... the statistics on SIDS is horrifying, and I doubt I'll be sleeping much for the next couple of years...just to be safe! Anyone wants to google it.. I just used key words like, car seat - SIDS ... dont forget a tissue!


Shelly - October 18

Thanks for the warning, but i do need some sleep.What you were saying did make sense,and i rotate Jesse all day long anyways.


BBK ® © - October 18

Here is a list of possible causes, from e-medicine. We were visiting a friend yesterday who has a 7 month old and her father is a pediatrician. The boy has been sleeping on his tummy for a couple of months now. She said he easily can turn by himself and once they reach that stage it's no prob. I discussed it with her father and he also said not to worry about it. It's very rare and usually there are problems beyond your control. A healthy infant that can move their head, will instinctively seek air. He also gave me a remedy for infant constipation: 1 tablespoon of maple syrup in 4-6oz of milk or formula. (ask your baby's doc before you try!)



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