Another Sleep Question

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krnj - June 10

Hi my ds has been sleeping pretty good lately, from about 10pm till about 3am to eat. After he eats usually he will go back to sleep until 6am. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to stop the 3am feeding? I know I really shouldn't complain because he is sleeping for a long time but it would be great if he slept right through till 6am! (He's just about 3 & 1/2 months old) Thanks in advance! :)


nic nac - June 10

Hi krnj, I had the same issue with my dd and I used the dream feed technique. First, are you bf or formula feeding? Do you think he is waking out of habit or is he really hungry? How much is he eating during the day and what time is his last feeding? He may still need that 3 am feeding depending on the answers to the questions. But here was my situation. My dd was waking at 3 am every night and I fed her as soon as she woke up a__suming she was hungry (she was 4 months at the time). Then, i wanted to get rid of the 3 am feeding but I had to first make sure it wasn't hunger. So when she woke up, I gave her a paci instead and she went back to sleep. I knew it was waking to eat out of comfort. I then put her to bed at her normal time 7:30-8:00 with a bottle at 7. At 11pm, i took her out of her crib while sleeping and fed her a bottle to make sure she was getting enough food and I increased her bottle feeding by one oz per bottle. Then, that night, she woke at 4:30 but she wasn't hungry she just needed a paci and went back to sleep. If he still wakes up in the night, you should eliminate that night feeding anyway. He may still wake up and not know how to go back to sleep which is another issue. I will let you reciprocate before I write a book. ha ha.


krnj - June 10

Hi Nic Nac, how's it going? Well he is formula fed and I just started giving him rice cereal in his bottle at night. (The pedi said it's ok) He eats anywhere from 4-6oz about every 2-3 hours. I try to make sure he gets the 6oz plus the cereal before he goes down for the night. His last feeding is usually around 8 or 9. Now that you mention it I think it may be just a habit. I thought he would be hungry since he needs to eat every couple of hours. It's so hard to tell! I actually tried to give him the pacifier one night to see what happened and then he woke up about an hour later anyway.


pbj - June 10

Sorry, I don't mean to jump in the conversation, but you did mention that it could be out of habit. A friend of mine immediately fed her son as soon as he awoke in the middle of the night since it was just a habit. She decided to just go to him and comfort him while he was still in his crib and he started to fall back to sleep without his feeding. Maybe try that to see if he'll drop it, you can always prepare a bottle if it doesn't work. Good luck and good sleeping!


nic nac - June 11

krnj, how did it go last night? I would try what pbj's friend did. If he is really hungry he will let you know. He's getting plenty during the day so I think he can go without the night feed. let us know what happens! Good luck.


krnj - June 11

Hi pbj, I think I'm going to try that & see what happens. Well my mil babysat for us last night and didn't follow my instructions so his schedule was totally off! She never listens to me & it's driving me nuts!! She even left a whole quart of his formula out and didn't put it in the fridge so now we have to throw it out!! Oh well she won't be babysitting for us anymore! Sorry for venting!


nic nac - June 12

I know how you feel krnj. How did it go last night? did you try pbj's suggestion? I know mine was detailed and you may not have to go that far if her suggestion worked first.



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