Another Sleep Question Sorry

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Ginny - July 10

I'm sure others have asked this before, but I'm at work and won't have a chance to look through old posts. My 5 mo old has recently began crying when she's put in her crib. She used to be a model sleeper, going down drowsy and soothing herself, and sleeping through the night and all those other "perfect" things. Now she cries the second I put her in the crib, even though she's not hurt, etc. She smiles and coos as soon as I pick her up. I wonder if this is the result of having alot of family babysit lately, and they like to rock/sing/walk her to sleep, and she got used to it? I don't know. Has this happened to anyone else? Is this normal for a 5 mo old? Is it time for CIO? Are there any other options? Sorry so rushed, work is really busy, and I'm living on not enough sleep. Any input is appreciated!!!!


SonyaM - July 10

I would say you might be on to something with the family. We had to put our foot down with our families becaues they wanted to do the same thing with our son. Once they saw that he could soothe himself to sleep I think they understood our position a little bit better. My son is also doing what you have described. He is 9 months old and I am attributing his behavior to seperation anxiety. Once he gets over me being gone he lays right down and relaxes. He talks or plays until he goes to sleep. Hope this helped.


veronicab - July 10

Hi Ginny, my son is a lot younger than your daughter. But the one thing that I have learned is that babies can get used to anything very quickly. My son got used to me rocking him to sleep, but as soon as I put him down, he would wake up and cry. So I had to slowly teach him to fall asleep on his own. It has been about 1 week and he is getting the hang of it. Now when someone takes care of him, I beg them not to carry, rock, or put him in anything but his bed when he is going to sleep. It has been a little hard but it has helped. Hope this helps you some! ;-)


nic nac - July 10

Ginny you called it. Having others rock, sing, walk him to sleep is confusing him when you put him down on his own. As vernibac said babies get used to things quickly and it can take 3 or 4 days to go back to normal. But if you do it one way and your family does it another it won't work. I know that no one who watches your baby will follow your rules 100%. You have to decide which rules are imperitive that they follow to your liking. I would think that eating and sleeping should be consistent with whomever is babysitting.


nic nac - July 10

oops veronicab, i totally jacked up your name, sorry LOL.


jorden - July 10

oh my gosh...sounds just like my story. My son has always gone to sleep perfect. But now, as soon as i walk in HIS ROOM, he starts flipping out!!! He will not let me lay him in his crib. But my son just turned 1.


Ginny - July 10

Thanks ladies! I kind of thought that was the case, but wanted to make sure I wasn't misguided. My normal babysitter had to quit due to some family issues, and until I find something more permanent, my poor dd is being bounced from sister to grandma to aunt, etc. It has been enough for my dh to actually suggest I quit my job to have my homebased daycare dream. Yay!! In the meantime, though, I need to work out something so that my dd (and I) can get some rest.



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