Another Update On Baby Adisyn

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preggosauce - January 19

Ok, so we are STILL in the hospital...going on two weeks now...and boy I'm dying to get home!! (Of course I dont want to leave until my dd is well enough though!). So, I think the Dr's have ruled out everything under the sun...from HIV, to rare infections, to CF. Which is a GOOD thing. I think they have finally narrowed it down to aspiration. Yes, thats right, after all those tests and days in the hospital the Dr's think she is breathing in some of her formula when she eats. They figured this out by finding fat (lipids) in the cells of her lungs and putting her on a feeding tube...since they've done the feeding tube she hasn't been on or needed oxygen. Whats funny is, the 2nd day we were in the hospital I asked the DR if aspiration was a possiblity and THAT Dr. told me no....isn't that a.funny thing. The good news is, I think we finally have a TRUE, they just need to figure out how they are going to fix the problem. Thank you again ladies for all your prayers and support. I'll keep you posted on what they decide to do....


aurorabunny - January 19

Preggosauce---My son had to be in the hospital for a stop breathing/aspiration event for 3 days and it felt like a lifetime. I can't IMAGINE how it feels for you. I'm so glad they've ruled out all that awful and your little one are in my prayers. =)


Rabbits07 - January 19

WOW! That's good that they've ruled out all that scary stuff, but it's also scary that a little one can aspirate some of their formula and get in such bad shape! Do they know what could cause her to be aspirating? Is that common?


rl- - January 19

Hey great it is nothing nasty....but still sorry your lo is sick but glad they found out what it is and hopefully will get it fixed and get you two home!! ( :


drea - January 19

glad to hear your lo is doing better and you finally have an answer. I hope you get to go home soon. We're all thinkg of you and your lo. :-)


LisaB - January 19

Glad to hear things are getting better and you are getting some answers. Get home soon!



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