Anti Depressants

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Bubbles11 - March 18

I wanted to ask who takes them and why? I am usually a pretty happy person but every now and again i get depressed and cant shake it. I love my DD but when im that upset i just dont feel like i can give her the attention she needs. any advice will help. thanks sera


Bonnie - March 18

I have recently started Prozac. My son is 8 weeks on Monday. I had to start mainly because I am just in a rough situation and nothing I can do about it. My son has a tough reflux case where he is in pain all the time. He is on medications and seeing specialists which have helped a tiny bit. But he spends 95% of his time screaming and is never happy and I have just been very frustrated. It is hard to see your baby in pain and helpless to stop it. I am hoping both his meds and mine kick in soon. In the meantime I am just trying to hang in there. :)


SonyaM - March 18

I went on Paxil when my first child was about 9 months old and stayed on for about 1-2 years. After he was born I was pretty messed up. At the time I didn't realize it was PPD, but looking back it was cla__sic. I really had to force myself to take care of my son and honestly I wanted to throw up everytime I saw him. I remember standing in the shower, crying thinking-what in the hell have I done, he (my son) is never going to go away!. I know it sounds awful and of course I don't feel that way anymore, but at the time it was real. I went back on the paxil at the beginning of my third trimester with my second son because I was already having signs of PPD. It was so good that I did because it made a huge difference in the bonding I did with my second son. I am still on them now and have no intention of going off of them. ( My second sone is almost six months old). I would highly suggest talking to your dr. about your symptoms to see if the meds would help you. How old is your dd? Good Luck.


JEN - March 18

I also take prozac- 40mg per day. I was fine until about 6 weeks pp ( I also had to stop BF at that time because my ds was lactose intolerant). Anyway, I began having panic attacks about returning to work and leaving him (even though he stays with my MIL). Then everything just went downhill...I began crying for hours per day for absolutely no reason. I felt guilty about EVERYTHING. So I talked to my doctor and began the prozac- it has turned my whole situation around. I feel like myself again, and I never cry or feel guilty. Please talk to your doctor- you want to enjoy this time with your baby, not look back with regret! Good luck and take care!


Kelly K - March 19

I've been on Wellbutrin XL since about 4 months into my pregnancy. The hormone flux was just too much for me to deal with. It got worse after my daughter was born and I had the hormone dump. I'm staying on them until my patience level returns to normal.


shelze - March 19

Hi ladies, i am on Zoloft and it works great!! Bubbles, this should be such a fun time with your new baby, dont miss it by being depressed. Its not like you will be on the medicine forever but if it gets you thru this tough time it will be worth it. Good luck and know your are in good company!!!



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