Any Experience W Gentian Violet

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flower.momma - February 4

My son is 9.5-weeks old and has had a reoccuring thrush infection for a very long time. It will go away, then come back in the same little spot on his lip that spreads quickly. Nystatin isn't working for either of us, so I finally broke down and bought some gentian violet. He looks like he ate blueberry pie now. And I'm hoping it worked. His Dr. said to do only one painting, but I am considering doing another tomorrow night. I am also going to continue "painting" my nipples for the next few nights. Will doing that also give him some of the medicine? I know that too much of the stuff can cause ulcers in the mouth, and I want to avoid that, but also beat this once and for all!


Mingill - February 4

Hi, I tried gentian violet, but I didn't have much luck with it, I found it too messy and I hated explaining my baby's purple mouth to everyone. I was given a handout on it by the lactation consultant. You can get the info at ( of course put in the w's. It is called Using Gentian Violet. I was told not to bother painting the inside of my baby's mouth as painting the nipple enough to treat us both, even when you paint at night, when your lo feeds in the morning they will get a purple mouth - and some of the medicine, but I guess that differs based on who you talk to. The notes say to repeat for 3 to 4 days, so as long as your lo doesn't have any problems, you should be okay. Good luck.


apr - February 4

i dont know if this is what you mean, but I'll try and be helpful in any case : ) my ds had tongue thrush and I was given oral gel and nystatin and both didnt help. finally i was told to try a natural method and within a few days it cleared up. 1tsp mixed with half a cup of warm boiled water. take a sterile gauze pad and roll it up and dip it into the bakind soda and rub the tongue with it. 2 times a day. i didnt nurse so i dont know about that. i just reread your post and i thi k ur talking about something else entirely. doh!!


Steph - February 4

When Trevor was six weeks old, he (and I) both got thrush. I used the Nystatin, and it just wasn't working. So I heard from a friend to try gentian violet and it worked wonders! Within 24 hours I could see a huge difference and w/in 3 days we were both cleared up. I painted both his mouth and me, twice a day. I hope your able to get rid of it! Good luck!


flower.momma - February 4

Well, the spots are gone already! Yay! And if I stick a binky in his mouth, I can't see the purple-ness, so we are good to go out. Thanks ladies.



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