Any Idea What S Wrong With Her

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^lucy^ - June 14

hi mommies,, i have a question for you and i hope you can help me figure out what's wrong.. my baby girl is almost 1 month old.. i b/f her exclusively.. the 1st 2 weeks of life she was a calm baby very happy, eats and sleeps and that's it.. from that time until now, she's always crying if not sleeping,, she doesn't sleep a lot during the day.. short naps only not as before.. we tried everything to make her happy and calm again like she used to be.. but nothing have worked.. she cries a lot and im sure nothing is wrong with her.. is it normal babies do that and change in their 1st couple of weeks or what? please help me, i want my baby girl to be calm and happy again.. thanks


Rabbits07 - June 14

I've always heard you don't really know what kind of baby you have until after the first 2-3 weeks! They are so tired from the birth and all that they mostly sleep when you first get them home. I think after that time they are more aware of what is going on around them and sometimes all the noise and lights can really overstimulate some babies. Hopefully, as she adjusts to all the sights and sounds in her new world she will begin to calm back down some.


pbj - June 14

Yep...they wake up after 2 weeks. All my friends said " you never know what you have until week 3." I didn't believe them until week 3 swung around. There's nothing wrong with her, she's just adapting to all her new surroundings. It will calm down in a month or so. Good luck


SarahB - June 14

My son will be 6 wks tomorrow and he did the exact same thing around week 3. I got the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block" and it has helped a lot. Still not completely but it made it a lot easier for me to deal with him. Now he has calmed down a lot though so it will probably only last 2 wks or so before she is back to normal. Good luck!!


kaitlin - June 14

It's normal - all babies change...and change, and change...after 3-4 weeks they change and get cranky, then at some point they change again. Our ds got a lot better at 6 weeks and at 8 weeks started sleeping through the night until 4 months at which point teething started and he now wakes once or twice a night and needs soothing. However, he is now rolling around and the days are much better for him - more interesting. So, it always changes.


SonyaM - June 14

We actually took our first son to the ER after about two weeks because he turned into such a different baby. We just knew something was wrong. Well, of course he was fine but they ER Dr. made us feel like idiots. I will never forget that Dr. and how horrible he was.


YC - June 14

I was just wondering if you have ruled out reflux? My daughter was diagnosed with it at about 1 month old. It might be worth asking your ped to look at.


^lucy^ - June 14

thanks a lot for all of you.. really nice to see so much answers in short time :) i hope that its just a phase and our darling baby would be back to a calm happy baby.. we love her so much that our hearts break when she cries a lot and cant see her cry and turn all red.. u should see what her daddy does to make her happy.. he jumps and does silly noises and talks like a baby and nothing works for a long time hehe.. i'll wait for 2 more weeks and probably i'll get my angel back again :) glad to hear that nothing is wrong with her and that has happened with all of you so its normal.. YC, what is reflux? i've heard about it a lot here but dont realy know what it is exactly.. sorry if i sound stupid :)


bean - June 14

Hi Lucy - my lo is 5 weeks old - and I've found that if she's overstimulated (i.e. I take her shopping or something) she gets very upset. We usually spend our days at home quietly with cla__sical music playing and me talking softly to her. When we go out it takes a long time for me to calm her down again and get her to settle for a nap. Another thing is that around this time babies go through growth spurts and they may be in a little pain as bones are growing, etc. Also - it could be that summer's getting hotter and your lo is just too warm. No matter what, don't worry about it. Remember your stress level reflects right back in the baby, so keep calm and I'm sure your lo will settle down soon.


ry - June 14

Hi Lucy, I posted almost the identical thing as this when my baby girl turned 4 weeks. She went from this content, peaceful little thing to a cry baby that never napped and it scared the c___p out of me! But it was a phase and now at 10 weeks she is sweet and content again, although no one ever told me til I came on this forum that your baby at birth (and 2 weeks after) is not the baby you will have for the rest of his/her life! But it does get better! ;)


^lucy^ - June 15

yeah i never knew also that the baby changes after the forst 2 weeks of their life.. im looking forward for the change to come :) i hope its to the better hehe.. as bean said, we take her out as well cz we're scared that she'll get bored at home and we dont want her to cry cz she's bored.. but then when she cries outside, it takes us a very long time to calm her down.. so we take the chance and go out shopping or to the mall once she sleeps :p


J.J. - June 15

Lucy: it IS a phase, it WILL get better. Our baby (now 7 mos) was great, then hit 4 weeks and started crying (not due to colic, gas, etc). He cried every nite from 6-9 p.m. It's not unusual (some books theorize that the baby has been inputting information all day and is mentally overwhelmed...back in '50s, they thought the baby was picking up on the wife's stress to get dinner ready for her husband. That theory's been since dismissed). Anyway, it is a phase and my advice, do what you can to get thru it. My husband found that carrying our son upside down (baby's torso straddling his forearm, sort of tucked away like a football) helped immensly. No idea why, but he'd quiet down. He also liked to be "cooked" over the space heater in the winter (okay, not literally cooked, warmed up). Sometimes we'd take him out on the back porch and let the cold air blast him for 10 seconds. Sound cruel? Not really. He'd stop crying (and was never sick). Then all of a sudden he outgrew the crying. Since then, has been ridiculously content and only rarely cries when he's hungry beyond belief. Sorry this is so long. hope it helps.


^lucy^ - June 16

wow thanks J.J. :) yesterday she was driving us nutes she cried all the time from 3-9 and i was about to cry with her cz i didnt know what to do and felt sorry for her.. then my husband put her on his stomach and started doing "rides" for her.. she was all the way up and down and he was playing superman with her (hold her in a flying position *lol*) and she didnt do a single noise.. when we looked at her, she was sleeping!!! we had a good laugh and it made her sleep,, i thougt that was too much movement to cause her to sleep but if she likes it, she'll have it!! thanks for sharing the info everyone :)


Ca__sieSong - June 16

Lucy. my dd was like that too. I couldn't believe that she'd fall asleep while I danced her around the room. She did not like the gentle rocking. She liked loud white noise and dancing!! You do what works. and as everyone has already said, it will pa__s. She will become your happy baby again.


Sissel - June 16

Gases? If so (as you probably know), then no food that causes gases (apples, sourkraut, peas, beans, mushrooms, black bread etc), put her on stomach and ty to make her fart.


galvquodi - June 16

Hello there, It could be colic. It starts around that time and usually peaks in the early evening. Just keep in mind that even if the crying gets you nuts, it's probably worse for her. At such a young age, they don't cry without a reason... Mine did too and it is slowly getting better. Good luck to you



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