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Mshellebean - January 25

My son is 7months one week old and is not sitting up or crawling. He can roll, smile, laugh, drink from a sippy cup and walk in a walker though. He had a pretty traumatic delivery and was also in the NICU for 9 days. He was born a month early. He was 8# 10 oz at birth, but his lungs were not ready. He weighs 22 pounds and is 29 inches long, so he is a big boy. I am so worried.. He doesn't try to pull himself up. Is it possible you can delay your child by holding them too much? He can sit up in a bumbo. I know all babies do thing different, but it seems like most of the babies his age and a couple of months younger are crawling and sitting and seem to be doing so much.. I am just so worried something happend during birth. Any ideas?


sahmof3 - January 25

At 7 months it is very normal for him to not be doing those things yet! My youngest was actually doing a combat crawl at that age, but not sitting on his own yet. I used to do in-home daycare and the little boy I watched didn't sit una__sisted until 11 months, then learned to crawl right away and a month later was running around like he owned the place lol. And, his ped didn't seem too concerned (but the mom was, of course... moms always worry ;-)). Anyway, he's 5 now and just fine.


Emily - January 25

Okay you said your baby was a month premature? well then do not worry. he is compareable to a 6 month old. For babies born early, you go from the age they would be if they were born on time.....premies do not hit milestones as fast. I say he is right on target. my girl was a full term baby only week before her due date, but concidered full term and she wasnt' sitting on her own at 6 mosnths. she is 7 months now and still isnt; crawling though she will get on her hands an knees and rock but she only just started son is right on is possible to delay crawling and walking if you hold them alot cause they dont have the chance to learn as fast but it should effect if he coudl sit up on his own. What did his doc say at his 6-mo check? My guess is he is fine and they dont even concider crawling a milestone anymore.....some many babies never crawl. My oldest didnt' crawl, she rolled everywhere, until she was 9 months and then she only crawled for about a month till she learned she could walk. she was walking una__sisted by 12mos but even so that dones mean all 12 months are.. but I took some slack for her not baeing able to crawl unitl nine months form family even though the doc said it was fine...My youngest is 7mos and jsut started sitting una__sisted and she isn't crawling yuet, she just learned to drink form a sippy cup and she can't pull herself up. Mary didn't do that till ten months... dont worry your son sounds perfectly normal...


aurorabunny - January 25

Ditto what Emily said about his prematurity setting back his development a little bit right now. My ds was actually late and he is almost 7 months old and just now starting to sit unsupported for a couple minutes at a time. He's not crawling either. No worries.


Mshellebean - January 26

Thanks Gals..I guess some babies just do things early and some late..I will try to give him more floor time.


torbman - January 26

I too had an early baby. He was 6 weeks early and is now 8 months old, 16 lbs. He was 4 pounds at birth though. He isn't sitting or crawling either. He seems to be doing things when he wants too and not a minute before. hehe. I have him in physiotherapy and she goes on about he should be here and you should exercise him more.....yadayada. I do the exercises with him, he does it when he feels like. I wouldn't worry too much about it, he'll come along.Corrected and he's 6 months old and babies are just starting to think about that stuff then.:)



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