Any Ideas How To Stop Baby From Rolling Over At Night

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monica - November 8

My son can roll from back to tummy but he get stuck and has hit his face a couple of times on the crib rails. He has not mastered how to roll from tummy to back. This wakes him and scares him at night. Anyone with the same problem? or any ideas for a solution?


d - November 8

Are the crib rails padded? How old is your son? 'The development on rolling will come on its own. How do you place him to sleep tummy or back? For my son, he would move around in the crib and when he got stuck on the edge and cry, I would hug him and then place him back in the middle of the crib and give the pacifier. He's 8 months now and when I place him on his back he wants to turn and sleep on his tummy. He doesn't know how to crawl yet but he squirsm. While alseep he also squirms and pushes his way to the head board and cries because he can't go any further. So I place him -his feet at the near end of the crib at the other end of the head board and it takes him a long time to squirm his head way up to the other end of the crib during the night.


monica - November 8

crib rails are not padded because I would not want him to suffocate. I put him to sleep on his back and he rolls to his tummy but cant roll back and this fustrates him and wakes him up.


Shelly - November 8

I have the same problem,i removed the bumper b/c of SIDS risk,but he mover around so much and his legs get stuck in between the cribrails.The sleeppositioner does not work with him no more!!!


Mommy - November 8

Do you guys have Boppies? Because with my 6 month old I found that if I put him to sleep with his legs on the part the head usually goes, he can't roll over. It works pretty well. Maybe you guys should try it it may help.


monica - November 9

to Mommy that makes sense but I dont have a boppy. Hmm maybe I need to invest in one. thanks


Steven's Mom - November 9

My son learned to roll over about a month ago. The first few nights were rough,now he love's sleeping on his belly it scares me to death. But he is very strong and that makes me feel better about the situation. He still hasn't mastered going from his belly to his back! good luck



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