Any July Mommies With Previous M C Still Around

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Emily - February 13

Hey all, just to check in. Mary is two and half and luck us pretty much potty trained herself. Marcy will be 8 mos on Feb 19. How time flies. Is anyone else still around, just wanted to touch base.....


Emily - February 15



Shae-lynn - February 15

Hi Emily and Mellissa - Shae-lynn here! I am still around. Brayson will be 7 months next week and he's doing great. He does the backwards "army" crawl now. Just got 6 month needles today. I am doing okay - not sure if you know or not - husband and I separated in September of last year. I'm still trying to recover but each day makes things easier. Anyways, hope you're doing well!


Emily - February 15

Hi guys. I knew Mellissa was around, but hte rela estate thing is news. Glad you like it. Shae-lynn, I hope that it continues to get easier with your husband gone. If you dont mind me asking does he see Brayson at all? May uses words that I didn't know she knew, let a lone know how or when to use them. The only bad ones she says is Damnit. well that and shut up and gay. Everything she doesn't like is gay. Marcy is crawling and i think I can see two little teeth on bottom. Cant feel them yet. They will be her first. Hope all is well with everyone...


Mellissa - February 15

Hey Shae-lynn. I'm glad things are getting better for you! I know it has to be tough raising a baby on your own, but you sound like you can do it. :) I think it takes an amazingly strong woman to be a single mom. Emily, that's so funny. my brothers always say, "that's gay!" and Rylee picks everything up from them. She'll usually say to me, "mommy, is ------ a happy word?"-meaning, can she say it. Sometimes she'll say d__nit, and I ask her what she said and she'll say, "oh, i only said holy c___p".....she's already lying to me! lol.


Emily - February 16

Mary knows she isn't suposed to say d__nit but does it anyway and then she will say to me, oh only mama (her word for grandma) can say that......oh my mom....she heard the word form my sioster when we were play pa__s (cards, mary calls it pa__s cause of the game we play you say pa__s if you wish not to make a bid) anyway so she picked up on it right away and even knows how to use it. she droped a book once and d__nit, and the Cols (My football team) made a turnover and I said, oh no....and she said d__nit. she said it at my mom's one day and mom told her it wasn't nice and she qwas sitll small enough not all her words were recognisable but mom guys......pa__s......table.......d__nit......yep she caught us, we said d__nit while [playing cards at the mom tells her well big people say it but it isn 't a nice now she thinks only mama can say it...she got gay from my fourteen year old sister. Everything is gay to her. and now Mary says it a lot.....can't wait to here what she will teach Marcy.....


Emily - February 16

I mean what Mary will teach Marcy.....


Mellissa - February 19

Rylee says "friggin'" all the time. she got that from my 12 year old brother. "Mommy, get me some friggin' water!" I'm like... "uh uh.... you do NOT talk to me or anyone else that way young lady!!!" I can just see her walking around in public talking that way. Chad says, "spank her b___t". I told him that I'm not going to punish her for saying something when she doesn't understand WHY it's not ok to say it. So i sit her down and explain to her what "grow-up words" are... and I hope she understands. Diesel is now crawling from room to room! I'll put him down and turn around to get something out of the 'fridge and when i turn back around he's gone! He's eating just about everything now too. He loves the little fruit puff things. Well, I hope ya'll are all doing great!! Talk to you later!!



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