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N - August 4

We want to start potty training our two year old son soon. Which is easier: teaching him to stand while he pees from the beginning, or teach him to sit first and stand later? - August 5

Sit first -- stand later or I promise one heck of a nasty toilet, floor, wall, hamper, sink, shoes, did I mention wall? LOL Right now the important thing is knowing when to go and making it to the pot. Dealing with how to aim will make the job harder. With my 2 boys they were never even tall enough to pee down into the water until they were like 4. AND if you DO decide on the stand up method first you'll of course want to instill the "lift the seat" so PLEASE if you have a cover on the seat, remove it. And if the seat is sort of wobbly and falls on its own, have someone fix it or get a new seat. (They're like $10 at walmart) The reason for the removal of the pretty padding is that it will allow the seat to fall very easy depending on how thick it is. You do NOT want your boys "woohoo" under that thing if it happens to fall !!!! Not only does it obviously hurt but then he'll be scared that thing is trying to eat him, or the potty hurts ...... plus you can actually be investigated if you have to take him to the doctor. They taking bruising of the p___s seriously. GOOD LUCK TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh -- and don't forget --- tuck that pee between the legs and then close them or once again, dirty floor, wall, mommy's pants, sink, wall *laughs*


E - August 5

I know this and I have never been through it... SIT first, then stand. There is no way in Haitis that he will be able aim properly. You will be bent over cleaning up p__s for years:) Standing can come when he is older, maybe before he goes to kindergarten?


CEM - August 6

sit first and then stand. you can put some cheerios in the toilet and he'll have fun trying to aim at them. he'll think he's GI Joe or something!! good luck :o)


To CEM - August 6

Cheerios in the toilet. If I did that at 2 years of age for my child he might have just wanted to eat the cheerios?


CEM - August 6

okay, no eating allowed! one should obviously take the age and nature of the child into consideration. 2 is probably too young, but on the other hand, you could just explain that it's not a good idea to eat from the toilet, he'll have to learn it sooner or later! or you could just let him sit until he's better equipped to understand that concept.


N - August 6

ok i guess my next question is : how do you teach them to pee? My son will sit on the potty, wipe himself and pretend to empty it in the toilet and flush, which is great.. but he won't PEE! He has had a few accidents while getting out of the tub, and i go OH YAY your peeing! and when he looks down it stops, and he makes this grunting noise and can't make it go again. We have tried letting him run around without a diaper on and that little bugger held it in for FIVE hours! We went to put him down for a nap and didn't even get the pull up all the way on when he finally peed. He just won't go. It's like he's afraid to or something! anyone have some suggestions? - August 6

Load that boy up with water, juice and milk. Are you standing in the bathroom with him? Sounds like maybe he has privacy issues since when you made a comment the pee came to a halt. Maybe let him sit in there alone. My toilet is positioned so that I can put a mirror on the back of the sink and see the toilet. I know this only because one of my sons needed his privacy but I didn't trust him at 3 yrs old to be in there alone (after losing 2 rolls of TP in the toilet at once) Maybe try setting up a mirror or just peeking in the door where he cant see you and let him think he's alone. - August 6

Me again ... LOL ... I just remembered a trick I did with my 2nd son. Well first -- would like to say I had no trick for my daughter. She was like "i hate this poop on my b___t -- I'm usin the potty" LOL But anyways... back to my trick. One day I called my mom and set this up. (Make sure you call and set it up first or they'll put you in a psych ward. LOL) Later in the day, I came out of the bathroom while he was standing there and told him I had gone potty. And then I pick up the phone, dial mom "Hi Grandma ... guess what !!! I went potty in the toilet !!!!!" Talked for a minute with the biggest smile I could produce and acting like it was the most wonderful thing in the world -- then hung up. Son went straight to the bathroom and went potty. I praised him over and over. As we're getting his pants back on, he says "Can I call grandma?" CHA-CHING -- IT WORKED !!!! So we called Grandma and grandma acted like he invented power. He had to hang up in the middle of the phone call to go again. LOL Then we called another of his grandmas. For about a week, at least one person was phoned about his potty. *laughs* But it worked great. He loved how they were all SO PROUD plus the idea of using the phone thrilled him to death.


monica - August 7

sit then stand....



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