Any November 2007 Moms Here

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Tan - September 29

Hello! Where did all the Nov 2007 moms go??? I was due Nov 28, but had him on Dec 4th... we had our own little group but it kinda faded away after a while. Sad. I hope everyone is doing great. Hope to hear from some of you.


staci - September 29

Hey girl! You know I'm here! I think we're about the only ones around anymore. I don't ever seen any of the others on. How's it going?


melissap - September 30

Hey I still lurk every few days. I had my lo on November 20th and I can't beleive it is almost a year. Where did the time go??? Hope everyone else is doing well.


jenna32 - October 3

i was due in november to!On the 26th,well they thought i was further along later on.i guess we will never know. Sadly i also had a december 1st baby! lol. my birthdays november 5th so i was hoping she would have been born the same month.


staci - October 3

Hey jenna! good to see you here! How is everyone's lo's doing? Mine is trying to walk! she is taking lots of steps, will fall and then get back up and try again! We think it will be another week or 2 before she is walking constantly! She has 6 teeth too! I can't believe how fast she is growing up!


melissap - October 5

Well Ewan has 5 teeth which is odd for me as my other 2 never had any until 14 months. He has been walking since 9.5 months so we are totally baby proof right now. He used to sleep great but has been sick so I am back to getting up a couple times a night..he finally made in on the growth charts at 9 months into the 98th percentile..LOL. Glad to hear Graci is almost walking Staci... the fun is begining!


jenna32 - October 5

aww,that's great to hear!! dd is sort of starting to try to walk here to. She will take like one step maybe and grab onto something,i think sh eis afraid to fall. She can stand on her own for about a minute,for now!She is doing lots of cruising.


Tan - October 6

Hey hey Staci! I should sign in more on cafemom and add pics and all that fun stuff.. seriously its dying there too.... holly is the only one i keep up with from our nov club, and you once in 20 years :P jk. My DS walks around furniture, but not on his own yet, he is very cautious and scared to let go. 2 bottom teeth here. He also talks and sings. Its so funny and cute. He turned 10 months yesterday!..... guess what else... i got my period yesterday as well :( SUCKS! Im still bf like 4-5 times a day and 1-2 times at night... I am not on birth control, and not planning to be.. so.......the fun might start all over again, soon! DH has major baby fever, me not as much.


Tan - October 6

ahhhh..typos!! I meant, "staci YOU should sign in to cafemom more often... " lol... sorry


jenna32 - October 7

lol me? yeah, i don't come to the regular threads :( i should but i mostly come on to ask questions/concerns. she's still waking up at night and i am lucky when i do get a little time online. tan omg that sucks! it seems like i barely b___stfeed anymore,it is usually like 3-5 times a day,probably 4x more often ( plus night feedings, i dont even count how many.


Tan - October 7

Hi Jenna :) I dont know if i asked you yet, but do you have cafemom? its nice to put a face to the name. I would love to see you and your little girl.


jenna32 - October 13

oh yes i do. macysmom547 is my user name. di dyou want a link to my profile? i don't go on it much, so i am not sure what you need to find someone. But i have some pictures there and everything.



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