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meagan1227 - May 10

my son is 4 months and he is going to have to wear a helmet, because his head is flat in the back. he is going to have to wear it for 2 months, his peditrician also said his neck muscles on his right side are tight, she told me to do some exercises to help with that. anyone elses baby had or have to wear a helmet?? here's a page i found about it


Bonnie - May 10

Mine would have but we lucked out and caught it in time. Sorry to hear you have to do the helmut thing. At least it's not too long. :)


SonyaM - May 10

My neighbor's son had to wear one for a long time. I would say about about a year, 23 hours a day. I can't imagine. Good luck and I hope your baby is okay.


sara b - May 12

I don't know. I would get a second opinion. My daughter had a flat skull in the back and we just gave her lots more tummy time and didn't set her down in a bouncer or crib more than absolutely necessary. Once she crawled she was never on her back again and her head is just perfect now!!!! I think another pediatrician might help with less invasive techniques. Also for his neck are you open to chiropractors? I have awful rotational scoliosis plus a reversed curve in my neck and I saw a chiropractor three times a week (especially during pregnancy) and he mentioned that they can work wonders for infants!!! I really loved my chiro and I took my daughter a few times after birth to "get the kinks out from birth" and she loved it!!! It was like infant ma__sage. I wish you luck with whatever route you choose.


Kelly K - May 13

Our neurosurgeon absolutely HATES the helmet. She said her results without the helmet have been just as good and free. The helmet should be the last result in her opinion. My daughter actually has a pretty bad case of flat head on the side and she still doesn't want to use it. We are just to have her sleep on a different side and keep her up in her exersaucer, jumperoo or sitting most of the day except when napping. I agree with sara b.. get a second opinion. The helmets are REALLY expensive and most insurance companies do not cover their cost. It's considered cosmetic.


meagan1227 - May 13

i have taken him to 3 peditricians already and they have suggested the helmet, i dont want him to get it because i think it will round up when he start crawling and sitting up, but then they told me if it didnt then his face could be messed up, like it could cause the jaw to go to the side and major overbites and his ears would be all uneven. so i dont want to chance it because i dont want him to have a messed up face. i dont know what to do really


Kelly K - May 13

I would ask them to send you to a neurosurgeon.. pediatric at that. I went through 3 ped's that did the same thing. They aren't specialists and should send you to one before making a decision like that.



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