Any One Have A Baby At 34 Weeks Question About Their Eyes

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torbman - July 14

I had my baby at 34 weeks, and was wondering when they started to follow objects with their eyes. I am not totally sure if my little guy can see me or even shadows. I have tried to get him to follow objects. From my finger to a flashlight, but he doesn't seem to follow. I have spoken to my docter about this but everytime that I take him in, he sleeps. He is 38 weeks corrected today. Anyone know? I am scared that my babes may not be able to see me. I know that he sees light, but doesn't follow.


Layla - July 14

Hi Torban. I actually have the same concerns about my son. He was born at 33 weeks and it was hard to tell if he could see or not. When he was first born his eyes would roll back or go in seperate directions and he never really seemed to be looking at anything his eyes would just wonder aound. Now that he's 6 weeks old it seems he's making some improvment. He seems to focus more, and his eyes no longer roll around. He's not able to follow objects quite yet but they say that preemies development tends to be a bit behind. Like since our babies were born a little more than a month or so early their devolpment would be about a month or so behind that of a baby who was born the same time but was full term. But I still have concerns as to when it will happen as well.


CShell - July 14

My son was born at 32 weeks. He pa__sed all his eye tests. He now is 6 months old actual age. We have never seen any problems, he loves to look at everything and has no problem following objects.


Jbear - July 14

Remember, a full term baby can only really see things 8-10 inches away. They don't seem to focus on much until they're about 2 weeks old. I had my first daughter at 36 weeks and my second at 37 weeks 3 days, and my second seemed able to focus on things a little earlier than my first. I don't remember either of them really following things with their eyes when they were really young. They'd open their eyes and focus on my face, but they didn't really follow stuff. I think you should give him a few more weeks, actually about another month, and if he doesn't seem to have improved, talk to the doctor about it.



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