Any Ones Child Still Not Walking At 15 Months

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Cora - January 28

My daughter is 15 months old today, and is still not walking by herself. She cruises around furniture, walks behind some of her push toys, will walk with me, If I hold her hands. But she still wont walk by herself. Anyone else have a child this age that refuses to walk on their own?


HannahBaby - January 28

My daughter didnt walk sans walker until 16 months. She never cruised and i think that the walker was the WORST thing that we ever did. After she started walking she was tiptoeing because thats how she pushed herself in the walker. We got lucky and she got the coxsackie virus that gave her terrible sores under her toes and she could not tippey toe anymore so that took care of that problem. I felt like a freak that my daughter didnt walk correctly until 18 months but you know what, every kid does things at their own pace, she will come around, dont worry


SonyaM - January 28

My son's friend in his pre-k cla__s has a little brother who is 17 months old and not walking yet. He does the same as your daughter but just isn't walking alone yet.


Bonnie - January 28

Mason is only 12 months but I can tell he is not going to walk for a LONG time. He can not pull himself up, he can't even get himself into a sitting position. If I put him up to something like the couch, he will stand but not cruise. He does nto crawl either. He scooches on his bottom.......Hannababy, did your daughter never cruise at all?? I am thinking Mason may not due this either. He has just started trying to pull up to his knees. My guess is that one day he is just going to stand up and walk, lol.


sahmof3 - January 28

My daughter didn't walk alone until 16 months... she would cruise, hold hands, etc., but not walk alone. I was so relieved when she finally did because I was hugely pregnant and had her baby brother the next month!


Cora - January 28

Thanks everyone...I now feel a little bit She has been ahead of the game developmentally in all other areas, especially speech, BUT was late to sit, crawl...and now walk. I was hoping I wasnt


Kara H. - January 28

My sister had a funny story. Her little boy would walk if he could hold onto your finger, but without the finger to hold onto he couldn't walk. Obviously it was just a psychological block on his part. He was totally capable of walking and would cruise all around the house. One day while she was cooking, he wanted to get from point A to point B in the kitchen but there was nothing to hold onto to cruise with. He was crying because he wanted something and did not want to crawl (tired I suppose) so she stuck the handle of a wooden spoon in his hand, and he took off walking!! That darn kid walked with that spoon for over two months before he gave it up. Sometimes, it is just a mind over matter thing. :)


Emmie - January 28

My brother did not walk on his own until he was 19 months old. My son is nine months old and I think he is following in the same pattern. He cant sit up or crawl yet.


Rhonda - January 28

My dd is 10 mos old and she dont do anything besides roll around.You have to sit her up and she will stay sitting,but she cant be laying down and sit up.And if you try to stand her up she just keeps drawling her legs up.She is so short it is unbeleiveable.If you try to put her in a crawling position she just goes down on her belly.


Kara H. - January 28

I am including a link to the website we referenced when we decided to have Max evaluated by an occupational and physical therapist. Max was only 4 months at the time and missed qualifing for the service by a half a point, but it was a very positive experience. They spent about 45 minutes with us showing us things we could do to help Max catch up to his peers. If he had qualified, the service is free (or a very, very small copay) and they come to your home. Here is the website. The address goes right to the 15 month milestone page. REMOVE any dashes that appear.


Kara H. - January 28

Also you do not need to be referred by your ped. Just call your local early intervention service (every state has one) and tell them you want your child evaluated. Since we have been working with Max, he has caught up with and even surpa__sed his peers in some areas.


HannahBaby - January 28

Bonnie, my daughter never cruised, ever. She didnt start pulling herself up until she started walking. ALot of it was my fault though. I always kept her in a walker/saucer/bouncer.



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