Any Single Mothers Out There

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???? - October 5

i'm married at the moment, but i'm tired of my husband's constant need for control. i'm thinking about leaving him, this is a dumb question, but how is it being a single parent? i'm on a maternity leave now, but if i leave i'm going to have to go back to work earlier than expected. i wanted to stay home with my child but i can't stand living here under his rules any longer. i feel inadequate and i don't want her ever feeling this way. i don't want her growing up that she is not good enough or can't please her father enough. i grew up in a broken home and i never wanted that for my child, now that may HAVE to change. any advice for living as a single parent?


single mom - October 5

The gra__s always looks greener on the other side =) Have you tried fertilizing your gra__s or getting a professional to help with the lawn to give it the makeover it needs to grow beautiful flowers, instead of weeds? I have to ask that before I can tell you what life as a single mom is like.


???? - October 5

yes, he's a control freak!!!!! we constantly go back and forth. we agreed that i will stay home with our child and he tends to hold over my head that he is the breadwinner. he is constanly on me about everything. he feels nothing gets done around here. i'm feeling inadquate and i certainly am not attracted to someone who belittles me. he is a hypocrite as well. when we're around other people, he is as friendly as can be and he tells people what a wonderful wife he has. he's soooo full of **** he's turning brown!!!!!! one minute, he'll bring home gifts and praising me and the next he's going on and on about how i didn't do this and how it's my JOB to do so and so and so and so. he is a total sybil b/c he has soooo many personalities-he's a snake i can't trust. it seems like i bring chaos to his life b/c he's sooo organized and wants things done his way. it's like i live in HIS HOUSE AND DRIVE HIS CARS. i'm tired of living with someone who gives love and is also quick to take it away.


<><><> - October 5

???? - you didnt answer single moms question.


???? - October 5

if you look at the start of my statement, i did answer yes. we have tried and tried w/and w/o professional counseling, plus he doesn't want to go anymore


Steph - October 5

I was a single mom for three years and it was hard, but totally worth it. I was happier, was able to live my life without someone controlling me all the time...and I had the same's his house, his furniture, his floor!! LOL!! Stuid huh? Anyways, it was hard to do, but I had a great support system and my family was totally there for me and helped out with watching my daughter so I did not have to put her in daycare. Just do the best you can and things will work out for the better. Also, you may want to tell him that you want to do a trial separation for six months to see if he is going to change and if he is willing to make any changes, but keep in mind that he may be asking you to make some as well. Good luck to you.


??? - October 5

if i leave, i'm going to have to move to a different state, b/c i have no family where i live now. that's the hard part and i know he will do everything in his power to keep me from moving to another state. can a parent move to a different state w/her child? will the courts allow that? if i don't move to my home state, then i will definetely be in trouble b/c i really don't know anyone here and all of our friends are his friends.


to ??? - October 5

Get over the thought that this is only your child. He has as much right to the child as you. What makes you think the child is going with you and not staying with him? If he was so awful know what I am going to say, right? It is HIS child as much as it is your child. Better start planning to compromise. Don't make your child suffer the consequence of two parents who can't get their sh*t together so they fight for years instead of making peace for the sake of an innocent child.


???? - October 5

who said this wasn't his child??? if i choose to leave, i'm full aware he has rights!!!!! you're not telling me anything new!!!! i wouldn't keep him from seeing her, i'm not going to use her as a pawn. i don't think this environment is good for her. you don't live w/me, you dobn't know how it is and guess what??? i compromise-NOT HIM!!! so don't tell me i need to get my **** together!!


**** - October 5

hey ????? im kind of in the same situation with you, debating on when I should leave....


???? - October 5

he came home tonight and we tried to talk-yea right! there is no reasoning with him. i feel it's his way or the highway, well he's going to get me out the door w/baby in tow. i can't live like this anymore. i now have to figure out my resources, investigate the laws of leaving with a child from one state to another and if i can't do that, then i have to stay here with no family-no nothing! i'm not going to be rash about it, i'm going to take my time. anyone can endure anything until the right moment approaches.


-- - October 6

Right now i have my cousin and her son living with us. She was goin through the same thing with her man. so she picked up and left.(she left maine and is now with us in canada) She does like it more and mentioned that the little boy is also much happier. All and all it's what you think is best for you and your family.


Angela - October 7

I will be a single mom (i'm pregnant now). It's not ideal, but far better than being in a bad marriage. If you're not in love and don't think he'd make a good father, then why endure it? There's no logical reason.


bye bye sad/happy - October 7

I don't think you're explaining the situation very well ... its very one sided and doesn't focus on getting rid of blame toward anyone (you or him) It just says you're outta there so my suggestion would be to just leave



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