Any Specific Type Of Juice For Constipation

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AshleyB - February 15

Hi, my ds is 10wks and I have to give him 4-6oz of juice every day for him to keep from having rock hard painful poopies. I started with apple/prune juice and it was pretty diluted and didn't work at all, so I tried pear juice and didn't stopped diluting it and it gave ds so much gas it was unreal. Now I'm just doing apple juice and he's still having hard stools. Any suggestions for a daily regime to prevent hard painful poopies? I haven't tried the karo syrup yet, but I think that may be my next attempt. Anybody else's kids get really gassy with pear juice? What do you guys suggest?


AshleyB - February 15

I guess I didn't really make it clear that I stopped diluting it so much. I only add maybe 1oz IF ANY water at all to it. Pedi said to give it straight if I had to but no more that 6oz a day.


torbman - February 15

Joel is 9 months old and I still haven't given him any juice. What I do give him when to keep regular is 4 oz's water with 1 tsp of white sugar in it. Works like a charm and is good for him. I still boil his water but if you don't you could use tap water. What ever kind you use. I used this with all 3 of my kids. Hope this helps. ")Tamara


care - February 15

When my ds was constipated, my doctor told me to use one tblsp of brown sugar with 2 oz of warm water. I don't know if it ever worked though, we did it for three days and then went to apple juice diluted 50/50 and that day he went so we don't know what worked. My ds is now 7 wks


k.p.j.e. - February 16

:( poor little guy. Poor you, too. My son had issues w/ both gas and constipation and the only thing that worked was prune juice. And even w/ that, he got really ga__sy and fussy first. I'm so sorry I hope it gets better!


Bonnie - February 16

Try the adult 100% prune juice. If that doesn't the pediatrician to find out what is going on. My son has suffered from this a long time and is on medication for it.


mommie2be - February 16

I agree with Bonnie- prune juice is so effective!


mommie2be - February 16

I also heard a small amount of Karo syrup (like 1/2 tbsp) mixed with about 4-6oz of water helps too. I personally haven't tried it and some peds are anti-karo.


madison1118 - February 16

I've tried both Karo and prune juice.. I found that prune juice works the best!


jwhite - February 16

I can not find straight prune juice for babies? I have done pear juice, even feeding her straight prunes for a few days, and apple/prune juice none have really helped her she still has a hard stool and it's only like every three days. So I called her ped. yesterday and she prescribed some powder to put in her formula once a day but I really don't want her to have to rely on that for a long time. I'm going to call her ped today and ask about how long she wants me to do this for.


Bonnie - February 16

You won't find it for babies, use the adult juice. Just make sure it's 100% juice. Sunsweet is a good one.


AshleyB - February 16

I would be afraid to use 100% prune juice. I get cramps when I drink it I can just imagine a baby.... I'm trying the Karo syrup, I'll let you know how it works.. I'm just using a couple drops in his bottle.



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