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pinkbo0tlace - March 1

I thought there might be a post about this - but I couldn't find it. I am going to Florida at the end of this month, with my three month old ds. I need some questions answered. Can I bring the carrier cradel onto the plane and have it sit on my lap?...How do I deal with him and the pressure on his ears? Have any tips?


Nerdy Girl - March 1

I do not think you can have the carrier on your lap in the plane. If you paid for a seat then that's a different story, but I think that they will tell you the carrier is too big and clumsy to have on your lap. You can check it right at the gate and it will either go into one of the big closets or into the cargo compartment. If it goes into the cargo compartment when gate checked, it will be waiting for you immediately when you exit the plane. You know how you get off the plane and see all the strollers and wheelchairs right there outside the door? That's how it gets there - checked in at the gate. So you can bring your stroller all the way up to the gate and check it in. Then you don't have to make it all the way thru the airport holding the baby.


LollyM - March 1

You can have a carrier in a paid seat ( they usually charge a little less for a baby). You can just take him on your lap if you like and check the carrier at the gate like NG said. as for ear pressure, be sure to feed him on the way up and the way down. the swallowing helps. If the trip is short and you don't nurse, then a paci might help at the very least. We took Ava on a 5 hour flight to Indiana when she was 3 months and she did remarkably well. She didn't even nurse on the way up because she fell asleep but she was still fine. The main problem we had was that the space is cramped, and Ava got bored, so Dh spent allot of time walking up and down the isle with her. Try not to worry too much. I bet things will go allot better than you imagine! Plus, even if he does cry the whole time, the plane is so noisy that most people won't even notice =) Good luck, and have fun!


CyndiG - March 1

If you have a front carrier, then I would definately take it for use in the airport. I travelled to Fla with Carlie and my older dd when Carlie was 4 months. The front carrier was lifesaver! I just held her on my lap during the flight (short flight though). She cried on takeoff for just a minute, but I was trying to make her nurse and she didn't want to. She was asleep during landing. On the way home she fell asleep before we took off and slept the whole way. I wish the same for you!


Erin1979 - March 1

I gave them the carrier and the umbroller at the gate, and held my dd for the flight. i fed my daughter on the take off and landing, but on the way home, she just had a soother, and was totally fine. I brought my snugli on the plane so that if I did have to walk around with her it was easier than carrying her, and she got to have a look around. Good Luck!



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