Any Tips To Getting Ds To Pull Up Or Stand

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eclectic66 - June 22

Hi ladies. As most of you know dh and I did some "baby bootcamp" with our ds to get him to sit independantly. (which worked wonders...he now sits like a champ). I was wondering if there are any specific tips or tricks of the trade that some of you might have that we could use to help him pull up and encourage to stand?? He will be 11 months on the 24th and I know every baby is different with their milestones, but I just wanted to know if there was something specific I could do to help "nudge" him a bit :-) Thanks ladies.


ImpatientMommy - June 22

I don't think there is anything you can do. It's different than sitting, you can sorta force him to sit but how can you make him pull himself up into a standing position? I find that once you stop pressuring them to do something or accomplish something they just end up doing it on their own not to long afterward. You should just relax, enjoy your baby, and don't worry about what he is or isn't doing, he'll do it on his own time. You can't force them to do anything.


mlm056 - June 22

Hey again, us and our big boys! Not too worry, Jacob isn't pulling up/standing up etc. Ped said all ok because of his size -- 33 +inches! He is like a giraffe! We tend to put some of his favorite toys up on the ottoman etc so he will reach up and grab them.. he tends to just get on to his knees.. maybe one foot stretched out but no pulling up or standing so to speak! Does Layne stand while you dress him? Jacob has just started doing that.. he holds onto my neck for dear life but his legs/balance are getting better!


eclectic66 - June 22

ImpatientMommy-No worries. I am in no way pressuring him or forcing him to do anything. I was simply wondering if there were any tips in this department. I am quite relaxed and enjoying my baby. Mlm056- Hi again! Yes, indeed our big Wow!! Jacob sounds like he will be playing basketball in no Thats so cute that he his holding on for dear life when you get him dressed :-) No, Layne doesn't stand when I dress him. I guess I have never tried. I have always just dressed him while he's lying down. Maybe I will see what he does when I make the attempt ;-)


jodie - June 22

Hello there! Is your little one crawling yet? I know that once my daughter started crawling she started pulling herself up on things. You could always try putting some cheerios or puffs on the couch or a small stool. My daughter will do anything for She just turned 11 months on the 19th! You could also try laying on the floor and standing him up next to you so he can old onto your tummy while he stands. My daughter likes to use me as a jungle Good luck with everything!!


eclectic66 - June 22

Jodie- No, he's not crawling yet. He kinda "drags" himself a little towards something he wants, but he really has to be motivated to even do Usually he will just roll to it. The food incentive sounds good, but since he is not eating things like cheerios or puffs I am not sure what I could use as Perhaps a squishy piece of fruit or veggie...(hmmm, that could get I will try those tips out though. Ty :-)


DDT - June 22

We just gave him loads of opportunity to pull have furniture arranged that would make it easier to pull up. We also used objects like the cell phone (what baby doesn't want a cell phone to play with! hehe) to tempt him to pull up. I remember my ds using me to pull himself up in the beginning and then he moved onto the furniture. He was also crawling so I don't know if that makes a difference.


Malica - June 22

Put important doc_ments or fragile objects low coffee table. They have a 6th sense for things like that and will be pulling up and grabbing for them within seconds. LOL. Seriously though, DD has been half-standing on our lap for ages while we're singing songs. I knew she could support most of her weight but had little in the way of balance -- or so I thought! We put a couple of toys on the coffee table and she could stand just fine for several minutes! What a surprise that was (and just a few days ago). At first she didn't realize she could stabilize herself with her hands -- she's never tried to hold on to us while standing -- but after leaning her against the table a few times, she quickly got the idea.


docbytch - June 23

Hey there electic. Another big-boy mommy here! I know Derek is a few months younger than Layne....but I do notice his mobility has gotten better the more we leave him on the open floor to play. Our carpets are being replaced this the carpet is gross...but we have him on his own little area rug. He is always up on all fours....crawls/scoots backwards....and has stood with just a tiny amount of hand holding for a very long time. He now stands and holds himself at the edge of his playpen....has not quite gotten cruising down yet. He can sit and go easy into crawl position...but will not sit himself back up yet. He is very tall and big....greater than 95%ile....The more we leave him open to explore on the floor....the better. He has not mastered crawling forward...he just sort of lurches and gets up on his feet and hands. He wants to walk so bad.....I know he is pretty close to it. Anyway....give him a lot of roaming space with things at the perimeter to entice his interest. My brother walked at 8.5 mos....Derek may not be too far off that mark. It has helped us giving him more space to move...without stepping in and scooping him up


Crystal83 - June 23

I would just stand my dd up on her own and walk with her and put her hands on the coffee table and help her hold herself there, eventually she started pulling herself up on her own. She has been furniture walking for over a month now and has been testing herself with standing on her own without holding on to anything for a few seconds, so it won't be long before she is walking. I think your LO will probably surprise you soon with trying out all these things by himself since he is already 11 months. It'll probably just come to him all at once one of these days and he'll be running around before you know it! Don't worry you're doing a great job!


eclectic66 - June 23

Ty all for those tips! I am going to give them all a try....I did try laying down next to him while standing him up and all he did was bounce and the point that I felt like a human I love the idea of putting anything that is fragile, important doc_ments or a cell phone within I think it's true that they indeed have a 6th sense for that stuff! We don't have a coffee table or an ottoman in our house, but perhaps I will try one of the dining chairs. Our couches are too high off the ground I think, but I'm not sure. he really is tall so maybe not. I wonder if it makes a difference that he doesn't crawl with all of this? He just rolls to things


socalmom - June 23

If you want to buy something, you can try an activity table they seem to be the right height and there are lots of toys they can stand and play with.


teska - June 23

Electic - If I may ask, how exercies did you do with your son to finally have him sit by himself? my son, Vincent is 8.5 months old and still will not sit by himself and he only recently started putting weight on his legs. We brought him to U of M to see a specialist in pediatric orthopedic clinic and they couldn't find anything physically wrong with him (no hip problems or spine problems etc.) we are waiting to see a developmental pediatrician who's supposed to help us more, but that won't be until the middle of July!! the waiting list is awful long! so if you have any suggestions, we'd sure appreciate them and thank you in advance!



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