Anybody Have Thyroid Problems

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Gigi19 - February 2

I have been diagnoised with Thyroid disease. It happened before my baby was born. My thyroid goes from hyper to hypo and then levels out at some point. I am so tired sometimes that I have no energy to do anything. My libido is nonexsistantant. Is anyone with this going through that too. I am wondering if my thyroid problems are contributing to my lack of libido. Thanks.


tryingx3 - February 2

Gigi19 - my thyroid was hyper during my pg but now has leveled back out to a normal range. They actually diagnosed me with Graves Disease during my pg based on high antibody levels. The current line of thinking is that my thyroid reacts to my body being pregnant - it actually went hypo for a little bit after delivery. I have no libido either and have wondered if it were thyroid or other hormone related. Right now I am exhausted from having a non-sleeping baby...but prior to that I had "lost it".


Gigi19 - February 2

Thanks tryingx3. I have been feeling terrible for my husband. He's a real good guy, so I feel bad. I try to get into it, but I have no real energy. What do you attribute yours to (prior to the baby)?


in the woods - February 2



in the woods - February 2

thyroid101 in the above link - info about signs and symptoms of thyroid problems. Libido can definitely be affected by that.


ds1970 - February 2

I think I was fine during pregnancy, but then I had bloodwork done in August (my son was born Jan. 28) and it came back with a very high TSH level, which indicates hypothyroidism. I was so busy I never did anything about it, and I just had it re-tested for a physical in January (they did a very extensive thyroid panel) and everything came back normal!! I must admit that there was a small part of me that was kind of hoping that it would be hypo, and I would be put on some meds, because I have been SO exhausted and have absolutely zero interest in s_x. But it came back fine, so maybe I am just tired from not sleeping (ds is one year old and still wakes up about once a night). I think I will have it looked at again in 6 months, because it seems like it shifts around a lot...hormones...what a pain in the a**!!


Kara H. - February 2

Natural progesterone cream really helps with labido.


Mingill - February 3

I have hypothyroidism, I was diagnosed long before I was pg. Prior to the diagnosis, I was exhausted, I just could not wake up and I couldn't lose weight no matter how hard I tried. No problem with the libido though. I have been on thyroid replacement since I was diagnosed, they upped my dosage during the pregnancy, and I have been feeling okay. I should go get my levels checked again though, I have been feeling a little tired again (could be the 5am feedings though). I'd talk to your doc about it, or check the thryoid a__sociation website - for some info.


mandee25 - February 3

Gigi19, I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism for about 7 years now.I was always tired out and had a hard time keeping the weight off. I had my levels checked while pregnant to see if I needed my dosage needed changed but I have been on the same low dosage of thyroid replacement pills for a long time now. My levels have been great. I have been extremely tired lately though I believe it's due to getting up in the middle of the night with ds. It affects everyone differently. Mine seems quite mild. I just have to take a pill daily and get my blood levels checked periodically. It doesn't run in my family and I think traumatic events can cause thyroid problems sometimes.


Jmom - February 4

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer about 10 years ago (yeah, I am supposively cancer free now). I had to have most of my thyroid taken out, and am meds now to control my levels. I have to get my blood levels checked every few months, and my moods along with everything else surely suffer sometimes- I have an almost 11 month old and am 24 weeks pregnant. It all does take a toll on your body!



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