Anybody Pumping At Work

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AutumnsMommy - January 9

I have been back to work for about 5 weeks now, and I plan on nursing my baby for as long as she wants to, so I will be pumping my br___ts at work for a long time. Last week though, as the week progressed, my milk supply went down....Autumn nurses exclusively and she's gaing weight really well, but I'm trying not to get stressed over my milk supply, but I can't help but worry a bit... Is anyone else pumping? Maybe we can exchange tips on what works!


babygirls1st - January 9

This is my 6th week back at work and have been pumping. Baby is4 mos old. Are u using a electric or hand pump? How much were u pumping at first and how much has it decreased to? How old is Autumm?


Kris10 - January 9

There are some things you can do to increase your milk supply. This is helpful because you are probably not able to pump as often as your little one would nurse (and often pumps aren't as efficient as a baby at expressing the milk). So, there is a herbal tea called "mother's milk" that works to increase the supply. Also, fenugreek and blessed thistle herbs are available at local natural food stores and they have helped me to increase my supply. I hope these things will help you (that is if you chose to try them!). :)


AutumnsMommy - January 9

Autumn is almost 4 months old and I am using a double electric pump. On an average, good day I pump about 16 ounces at work, but last week it decreased to 12 ounces. Autumn only takes about 12 ounces at daycare, but just the fact that the amount decreased worried me. How much milk do you pump during a day?


babygirls1st - January 9

i pump twice a day for 15min. i get around 14 ounces which is plenty for my baby. Im sure i would get a little more if i pumped for 5min more..I use a double elec as well. Just make sure u snack healthy and drink plenty of liquids. sometimes the demand of work can cause you not to eat right.


Kathryn - January 9

I went back to work when my son was eight weeks old. That was five months ago. Somehow, I have been able to keep b___stfeeding this long. I am only able to pump once during my shift and only get about 4 oz. My son is doing great though. I don't have enough expressed milk so he is supplemented with formula when he runs out. I use an avent ISIS manual pump.


Jenn... - January 10

Worrying is not going to help and that alone can reduce your supply or at least reduce the amount you are pumping. Try to find a distraction..bring a magazine, kick up your feet, make a call on your cell, do not look at and worry about what you are pumping!


AutumnsMommy - January 10

Thanks ladies! I really appreciate your input!


mom42 - January 10

I usually pump only once a day at work...~6 oz and feed baby over lunch and at 4:30. I just look at a picture of her, drink some water and relax. It really does help. I use a medela manual harmony pump. My dd is 5 months and has been in day care for a week now.


Missy - January 10

I pump at work. I usually get about 12 oz per day (exactly what she eats at day care) but I would like to get more so I have a surplus. How long did it take for the FENUGREEK to start working for you, Kris10?


EM - January 11

Sorry to be a bearer of bad news but I also pumped at work with a medela pump in style double pump. this was when my son was 8 weeks. At first I was getting about 12 oz per work day but by the time he was 4 months old I was down to a measly 4 oz during the work day from pumping every 2 hours!!! My son would not nurse after I went back to work though, he weaned himself so this may have been a contributing factor. I finally gave up. The important thing is to remember you are doing the best you can for your baby! Don't feel guilty if you can't supply the milk!


AutumnsMommy - January 11 are so right!! I played a game on my cell phone while I pumped over my lunch break, and I looked down and I had pumped 4 ounces from each side in a matter of 15 minutes!! I also tried the Mothers Milk tea that Kris10 recommended and it seems to be helping too. Thank you sooo much ladies!!


Heidi - January 11

How do you get a free hand to play games??? I just pumped for the first time at work. I got 6 ounces. Do you guys pump more than once? I work 7am-3pm. I'm guessing I should pump at 10 and 1 so I don't slow down my milk production.


Kris10 - January 11

Glad the tea seems to be helping you! :) MISSY- I think it took 3 or 4 days before I saw improvement with the herbal supplements.


Missy - January 11

Kris10 - Did you see a real difference? I mean, several ounces per pump session or per day? I started taking fenugreek today. We'll see if it helps - my pumping has gone from getting 6-7 ounces per pump session to squeaking by with 4 ounces a per session! And Natalia is a little oinker LOL - she is starting to want more than 12 oz while I am at work - and she's only 3 months!


Heidi - January 12

How many times are you gals pumping at work? I'm thinking just once maybe since I pump before I leave for work and then I feed her as soon as I get home or pump.


Missy - January 12

Heidi - I always get at least 2 pump sessions in, though lately I have really been pressing for 3. It depends how much your little one eats. The less you pump/feed, the less milk your body will want to produce. Also, do you work a full 8 hours or part-time?



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