Anybody Use A Baby Sling

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Erynn21 - February 18

Hey out there I am shopping for a sling and wondering if anyone uses a sling to carry their babies around in. I have been looking at Lucky Baby sling, I've been using a front pack, but at 5 months my dd is just too heavy for my back. If you use a sling which one do you have and recommend. I just like these Lucky Baby ones because the material is fun and they look really simple to use, I'm open to any suggestions. Thanks.


livdea - February 18

there are a million out there! but I found a simple, stylish, and comfortable sling! it's called a "sprout pouch" you have to order them online but it's GREAT! my dd didn't like it when she was little but now that she is 7 months old she LOVES it! so funny. check them out online HIGHLY recommend them!


AlissaF - February 18 has the one that I got. it's really comfortable and ds likes it!


Erynn21 - February 19

Anybody else got any suggestions?


olhdw101 - February 19

oh, I have a sprout pouch too....worth every penny!


EMBERBABY - February 19

Unfortunately my dd didn't like it, I loved the idea of the sling unfortunately it didn't work out and I ended up wasting the money because I couldn't return it too much time had pa__sed ( I had purchased it when I was pregnant)


Erynn21 - February 19

I am pretty sure my dd will like it because she loves to be held, and I am fine w/ toting her around, they just look so comfortable, I think my decision will be w/ the sprout pouch. Thanks.


Lala - February 20

bump (I'm wondering the same thing).


LisaB - February 20

I love the Peanut Shell you can check them out online at


Mellissa - February 20

ooh.... i want one so bad! but does anyone know where to get one for less than $40? I'm not sure I want to pay that much............. but I'm sure it's worth it if i do!


ninaatk - February 20

My Daughter LOVES ours - and actually mine is home made - it is just a double sheet folded in half and tied! I can do about 6 diffrent carrys with it and she LOVES them! There are a ton of websites that show you how to tie it but basically it is over one sholder and under another - tie it so that the pouch sits under your bust and then drop the baby it in the pouch! Dont Forget to fold the sheet in half first! I found this way works best and then I double knot it and put the knot on my back and I can adjust it by how much fabric is the pouch! Whether you make one or buy one they are great!! maybe try the sheet first to see if your babe likes it! Good luck!


Mellissa - February 20

ninaatk great idea!!!!!! i have some gray material i was going to use for something else, but i think it would work perfect for this! it's kinda stretchy, like the ones I've been reading about.... ooh.. i have a project for when i get home! :)


ninaatk - February 20

Glad to help!! It works so well!! Good Luck!! Post if you need any help!! I know some great websites!!


Erynn21 - February 20

Well the Lucky Baby ones are $35(or so) depending on what you want I ended up ordering one of the Sprout Pouch ones because I liked the fabrics and they came in stretch(and I am a bit of a fashion freak, so I wanted a cute one). If I like it I may branch out and try others, the Sprout Pouch was a little spendy at $56, but I really thought about and researched and if I wear it a couple of months it will have paid for itself. The Lucky Baby ones are really cute, but they don't have stretch. I think my dd will be happy, she DOESN"T like to put down, especially lately, she's cutting more teeth so she's been sad : ( So I figure I'll try this. My SIL did say I could tie a sarong over my shoulder, but it didn't feel secure enough to me. For me I figure the the $56 is worth it for my hands being freed up and my babe being safe, there also free shipping included. I may end up trying to do the tie thing, but I don't know. My SIL recommended the Maya Wrap, but I didn't like the idea of rings and a bunch of fabric hanging all around my body and my baby(again it comes down to my look), silly I know.


Mellissa - February 20

ninaatk....could you give me some of those websites? i want to make sure i do it right. :) thanks!!


Lalla - February 21

Hi Erynn21. I have a ring sling from and I absolutely love it. I know you said that you were not interested in the fabric hanging down, but if you b___stfeed it is great, because you can throw the excess fabric over dd when she is nursing and no one will never know what you are doing. They are pricy, but well worth it. They are also very fashionable!! I bought a brown one and my husband got me a pair of brown boots to match!!! good luck.


ninaatk - February 21

Hey there!! I Ok so apperentally you cant post websites on this forum anymore so if you google - how to make an african baby sling - there are some good ones that pop up! Good luck! Let me know how it works out! The one that I uses was (....watato.....) If you catch my drift! If you still cant find it post and I will e-mail it to you!!



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