Anybody Use A Bumbo Seat

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MelissaK - November 17

We are intersted in purchasing one but I heard it was recalled because baby can fall out. I think my LO wil love it though, she loves to sit up, she TRIES to sit up, it's wild. Where can you find one? I checked online at Walmart, etc. and they are not carried. I want it for Thanksgiving week so I don't want to have to order online so I am hoping walmart or target carries it. Of course if it is dangerous, I won't get it. Thoughts anyone?


Happymommy - November 18

I saw one at Wal-Mart. As far as being recalled--it is simply a matter of common sense. They were recalled because babies can lean over and fall out, and people were putting them on counters, tables, etc. I heard that they were just changing the packaging to say "Do not put on elevated surface". So just don't set it on something high and it will be fine.


c_baer19 - November 18

They actually already have a label on them that says you shouldn't put them on an elevated surface, if you can believe that! But, some people don't have much sense, and so they recalled them to add another label which emphasizes the point more and says something like "...due to risk of falling and injuries." Anyway, I know they're available again already at the bumbo seat website, but not sure if they are already back in stores like target. I know they used to carry them, though.


mommybabyboy21 - November 18

I was searching for one two weeks ago because I had to go to a family event and wanted one. But today I got the Babyrus magazine and they said they just got them back and they are on sale for $39, two weeks ago I broke down and bought the compet_tion seat the prince lion bebe pod seat I like it...alot except its only came in red or green at babyrus. So I bought the red one and my ds loves sitting in it and loves the toy that came with it.


Jmom - November 18

we have a Bumbo and both my kids have loved it. Try if you want to find one cheap and quick


kim00 - November 18

We love our bumbo seat. We got it very cheap on ebay, and it was new.


wailing - November 19

I use mine to feed lo solids and when he's on the floor playing. They're great and only dangerous if u don't watch ur lo in them.


Dylan - November 19

My seven month old loves his. We starting using it at three months. Got ours at Toys r Us



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