Anyone 20 With First Baby Anyone 20 With First Baby

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newmom - December 15

Just wondering if someone with the same age in here?? Anyone 20 with first baby??


Kristina - December 15

Well I am 19 with my first! =) Got pregnant at 18 had her at 19! Same age as my mom when she had my bro! haha pretty much right to the month!


Brittany - December 15

Hey I'm 20 with my first baby. She's 3 months old. how about yours? boy or girl?


newmom - December 15

wow britney tha's son is 3m tooo..i guess i found him a friend after is she doing??


FF - December 15

Well, I'm 24 and this is my first :)


Shannon - December 15

i'm 22 and this is my first.


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - December 15

I am 20 and this is my first. She is 7 months old. I was 19 when got preggo and she was due on my bday (May 19th) but born on my moms (May 9th)


newmom - December 15

Amaya Mommy....i conceived on my birthday and my son was born on his father's brthday..He said this is the present he ever had..i'm proud


jorden - December 15

i turned 20 in son is almost 6 months...its a lot of fun i think and i really like being a young mom was young when she had me and i love our relationship...with her being 37 and me 20...i wanted to be a young mommie :) So how do ya like it so far?!?!? all my friends tell me i worry all the time now...i cant help it :)


Kristina - December 15

I love being a young mom too! =) Since my mom was a young mom, when I was older I always loved that my mom was way more gorgeous than everyone elses moms! hahaha!! she looks super young for her age she looks like she is in her 30's and my older bro is almost 23


Kristina - December 15

I think I'll look young too, cause right now at 19 I look 16! LOL! You should've seen the looks I got when I was pregnant!


newmom - December 15

i just turned 20 married when i was 19 and conceived right son is a honeymoon baby...i love being a young mom was tough in the begining coz ppl used to consider my friend as my son's mom and me his sister, so i had to cut down going out with her " they still do though" mom and my sister where young too when they had their babies...having my son is just like playing and taking care of a


Erica - December 16

Im 19 and I have a baby boy who is just about 3 monthes old. I was 18 when i got preg. with him had him at 19. I was still in hs for most of preg. graduated at 6 months preg. and no one had a clue. Were your kids planned?


Kristina - December 16

I was all done high school anyways...but a friend of my graduated when she was 7 months..EVERYONE knew....poor girl was the talk of the school...I never really planned on getting pregnant..but hubby and I never did anything to prevent it LOL so we were happy =)


Lesley - December 16

I'm 22 and just had my 3rd.


Erica - December 16

Kristina your poor friend, high school kids can really be very imature. I was very lucky to be very small with my preg, lol must of been to not find out to 5 1/2 months hehe. Quintin is a blessing in disguise though, when i found out I thought my life was over, but all he did was make me grow up a bit and brighten up my world completely:D I def didnt plan on gettin pregnant, used bc and he used protection to lol, so i have to think he was meant to be:D Lesley your on your third WOW how do you do it, i think id go nuts? what are their ages?


Erica - December 16

oops forgot to ask, any of you ladies in college right now while trying to raise these lil ones? I am,really really hard but so worth it!



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