Anyone Breastfeed And Use Formula Need Some Support

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E - April 14

I br___tfeed almost exclusively but I have found that using a bottle of formula, twice per day (4 ounces each), allows me free time to clean/cook. Unfortunately, my Medela single electric pump does not express enough milk. What a waste of money!! Does anyone else do this? My husband is trying to make me feel guilty about this but I think I am doing a fabulous job as it is. B--tfeeding is not as easy and pleasant as I thought it would be. I am lucky as my baby took the br___t and bottle from day one. Anyone in the same boat?


Maureen - April 14

This is Amazing. I was the same like you after I gave birth. My baby took to my b___st right away without any problems, but from day 1 I decided to give Formula as well. I knew one day the baby would be weaned and it was eaiser to wean this way, having already tasted Formula and all. And you know what?? My husband also tried to make me feel guilty, and boy that infuriated me. I mean, it is really not their business AT ALL, even though they think it is because they helped concieve the little Tyke. Let me tell you, they didn't give birth to the baby now did they?? He brought me home a Pump as a suprise, and I didn't even open it up, I told him to return it back to the store. The Nurse at the hospital told me to use a Pump Only if I was going to be away working and that it does the same thing the baby does so it's Really a waste of time and money. So since she's a baby nurse, I listened to her. Anyways, that's my story and I'm so glad I'm not the only one who went through this. My baby is taking strictly Formula now, and I'm very happy about it. My baby is very Healthy and that's what counts, right? Thank you for sharing your story. I'm so glad you did!


KEEKEE - April 14

Breastfeeding is hard at first. It do not happen naturally like everyone says. Hell, it takes time and patience.People said you're going to spoil him. The nerve of these people..huh...He only gonna want you. Thats not true. My little guy is just beautiful and happy. One one cold or illness. He's very happy with other people.......The only problem is other people!!!!! You cant nurse without someone having something (-) to say. What do I do? ANNOY THEM!!!!!! Don't let anyone make you feel guility for doing something they couldn't do. Do you is best for your baby. Breast or bottle....I did both..My little guy is fine.... Very healthy................You may want to rent a b___st pump or buy a hospital grade. Those pumps work better. A lot more milk come out. That way you can store milk and it would be much more easlier.....I b___stfeed for 8 months and was the best decision I ever made. I wish I had more support and understanding......ENJOY!!!!


Maleficent - April 15

i had the opposite problem, i could pump enough milk to feed a small nation but my daughter wanted nothing to do with the bottle. luckily nursing worked out great with her, once we got into a routine i still had plenty of time for myself. i know moms who had a hard time with the pump and supplement with formula. one mom chose not to pump when she returned to work and *somehow* was able to still nurse when ever she was home with her daugher. formula at daycare, mom at home. i encourage b___stfeeding, but bottom line you need to do what works best for you and your baby. if that means a bottle of formula now and then so be it.


Lisa - April 15

I have b___stfed bub since i brought her home from hospital 8 weeks ago, but i have found recently that my supply begins to run low of an evening, (i suspect it might be the contraception i am using) she doesn't get enough from me at night feeds. I invested in a NUK pump and ended up putting it back in the box...i tend to agree that they are a waste of money. She is having formula at night (after a b___stfeed) and is settling and sleeping really well now. Don't feel guilty at are doing a great job and what is best for both of you. :o)


KEEKEE - April 17

Oh, I forget to say to b___stfeed first and then give the baby the bottle. That way your milk suppy won't go down......A little b___st milk is better than nothing at all. Keep up the good work, Mommy!!!!



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