Anyone Delaying Or Refusing Vaccines

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maryg - January 2

We're delaying until 6 months, then spreading out the vaccines. I'd love to talk to other people about their delayed schedules!


excited2bemama - January 2

Dd got all the vaccines except for rota virus and a flu shot.. I am however thinking of delaying her MMR shor until age 3 or so....


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - January 2

I won't delay any of them, the older they are the worse they seem to react to them. Not to mention I want her to get her shots as schedules. She has done the rota virus twice. If they help her in the long run, I don't see any reason for delaying it. JMO, not everyone agrees with that, but thought I would share


Jilloh - January 2

I am pretty much going by schedule for my son's shots. I did skip the 9 month check up where they do the blood draw to check iron levels (anemia) in the child. I figured they could just do that check up at 12 months as well. I do have a sister in law who is picking and choosing her child's shots (her baby is 3 months). Either way is fine with me I see both sides of it. My problem is I don't want to have to remember what they have had and what they need and what mixes ok with others.....I know I have a shot record card for my son and that will help. Good Luck I commend you for planning ahead now.


Val - January 2

We've delayed all vaccines. Started with DTaP at 6 months. Was going to do Hib next at 7 months, but then that had a recall so we'll probably start that at 8 months instead. We'll probably delay the polio, Hep B, and MMR vaccines until he's 2 or older. I just didn't feel that there was enough research showing that doing 7+ vaccines on babies at 2 months old was safe for their developing immune and neurologic systems. It's a hard decision though because the thought of your baby getting sick is very scary.


javidsgirl - January 2

i got my DD shot done on time i won"t refuse i could risk her life that. i have a cousin that refuse the MMR shots and well to make along story short her baby got Meningitis and died and well she went crazy because of what happen and the fact it could have been prevented she now lives in a mental inst_tution


Bellas Mom - January 2

My son is 3 months and still no shots... I'm trying to figure out a schedule, the ped keeps pushing us to do so... I was going to start at 6 months BUT I think I will give a shot next time we go 4 months.... Would love to hear about scheduling for those of you who have delayed them too.


kim00 - January 2

My dh and I have vaccinated both our children on time. To us, the benefits of the vaccinations far outweigh the rare risks.


fifijeep - January 3

Yes, I'm delaying as well. My ds is 4 months, and we were planning on starting the series now, but decided to wait till 6 months to start. I'm exclusively bf, and he's not in a daycare, so my doc said not as high as risk. I like the idea of doing one to two shots at a time so it's less for him, and also if he does have a reaction, we can better figure out which he had a problem with. He won't get the MMR until he enrolls in school, and he's not getting the chickenpox (varicella) or flu vaccine. So, here's our schedule. I have to go once a month from 4 to 9 months, but I'd rather that then him get them all at once. 6, 8 and 10 months - DTaP & IPV/OPV 7, 9 and 11 months - Hib and Pneumococcal


tynadu - January 3

My plan is to make sure that all the vaccines my baby get are preservative free. I didn't get the flu shot, because none of the hospitals or doctor's offices had the preservative free kind. I realize that CDC says that there is not a link, but it's their a$$ on the line if it is proven that it is a link. I have been wondering about this for a long time. I noticed the increase in autism, add and adhd, and want to know what is causing it. One of the other posters told of a friend that ended up in a mental inst_tution, well I would end up there if I found out I could have prevented autism or one of the other illness that these drugs may cause.....I think it is a personal choice that you will have to deal with, so make sure you do whatever you think is best.


another Karen - January 3

there are certain ones I won't have my daughter get at all. the mmr is one and the chicken pox is the other. I had measles as a little one as I was allergic to egg white and that is what the innoculation is or was culturd in. The links with autism are terrifying and no matter what is said to discredit the connection I am still weary. Of course the buggars aren't going to admit that there's a link and open a can of worms. Take a look at amalgam / mercury dental fillings. Anyhow that's my opinion. I also disagree with chicken pox vaccination. I believe this has only come about because of the pressure on families to have two incomes and parents can't afford time off work to look after their children. If you are concerned do as much research as you possibly can. Apparently Japan has stopped all vaccinations for children up to the age of five and have not had any occurance of sids since. I could go on but I know it's not my place to.


maryg - January 3

Sounds like our plan is similar to Val's ang fifijeeps. It's taken me forever to decide what to do about this! I've read about it extensively. Finally, we decided to do select vaccines, spread out in a way that seems safer. It just seems too telling to me that we've added so many shots to the schedule since the 80s and childhood illnesses are at epidemic proportions. There's lots of info about this at generation rescue dot com. I'm not sure I believe vaccines are 100% of the problem, but I think they must be a contributing factor. I'm in favor of protecting children from disease, obviously, but I want to do what's safest and right now, my baby's not in daycare so I don't have to worry so much about her being exposed through other kids. The plan we decided on is based on Dr Stephanie Cave's schedule, but altered a bit based on things I've read by Dr Sears and Dr Jay Gordon. We're delaying until 6 months and plan to start with Hib, then Dtap alternating months until she's done with those. We plan on delaying MMR until 24 months. We refused Hep B and will delay getting it until school age. We're skipping Prevnar and polio until school age, if we do them at all. We plan to skip chicken pox and MMR boosters based on testing for immunity.


Angelica87 - January 3

I'm going to delay the mmr shot because my mom told me that my cousin got his before he was 2 and he got a bunch of open sores in his throat which the doctor said was a common side effect


kimberly - January 4

I feel the benefits outweigh the risk! Many people and babies died from these diseases. If we stop vacinating then they will return and people will get sick and all the problems we hear about will start to happen again. I have read about the risk but I am still convinced it is better to keep on schedule with vacines then it is to delay or not give them. But, that is just how I feel and you should do whatever you are comfortable with!


eclectic66 - January 4

Basically for my ds we delayed until he was 4 months. We plan on getting all of them done, but just pushed it back a cpl months to make sure he was stronger (not to mention I kept putting it off bc I was so worried about it), but our pediatrician eased our minds and said that all their vaccines they carry are preservative free so that made me feel a lot better. I think it's important for him to have all the vaccines, but as far as them ALL I am not so sure. I agree that this is a very important decision and one that should not be taken lightly bc either way the consequences are great. My pediatrician did not make me feel guilty for waiting until he was 4 months. He understood our reasons and said it will be easy to get him caught up. I appreciated his empathy for me in this difficult decision and he said that he deals with this a lot now from parents and agrees that it is one of the most difficult decisions some parents have to make bc no matter what there are risks to both sides. GL!!


Allisonc79 - January 5

It is really scary because of the risks but then again millions of children are successfully vaccinated with no problems and there are the few that have reactions. The odds are in your favor, and its better than worrying about disease all throughout their childhood. We started at three months but intend to finish the vaccinations.


Erins Mom - January 6

With DD we started off doing them on schedule, but she had a severe reaction to the shots so we didn't do ANY more until she was 12 months old. She still got a really high fever from them, but I felt better about it since she was older and could handle it better. She'll be two next month and I still haven't decided if I'm giving her the MMR shots then or not. We b___stfed her though for 15 months and I am a stay at home mom, so we weren't too terribly worried about her catching anything. However, if she'd been in daycare I most likely would have followed the recommended shot schedule. With my ds (who is now 3 weeks) we'll be putting them off until he's at least 6 to 12 months based on Erin's reactions to the shots, I don't want to put him through that.



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