Anyone Else Been Mowed Down By

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sahmof3 - March 5

kids wearing those roller-blade sneakers in the store? GGRRRRR! I've been run into twice. I saw one coming just in the nick of time and braced for it, but last night I didn't see the girl coming and I almost fell. Why do people let their kids skate through the store???


Pea Pod - March 5

I've never been run over, but I've had to avoid them, like they have the right of way! I've disliked those things since the first time I saw them, but couldn't really say why other than they do sorta get in the way with them. My husband likes them, thinks they are a cool invention.


Mellissa - March 5

i see kids with those all the time. i have never been run into, but i did see a kid fall flat on his face in the middle of walmart. apparently those are the "in" things to have right now... was that girl's parents with her?


CyndiG - March 5

It makes you want to just reach out and give them just a teeny little shove, whoops! LOL! They're against the rules at my dd's school, and I'm sure that's why! :O}


sahmof3 - March 5

Yeah, her mom and dad and some siblings. They didn't say a word... no apology, no telling her to watch where she was going.... nothing!! Maybe they were just too embarra__sed... I'm REALLY trying to give them the benefit of the doubt LOL. I think they're a pretty cool invention if they are used in the park, in the driveway, etc... like safer places to skate around... but geez.... the grocery store? You'd think stores would ban them because they would be afraid of being sued...


Brittany - March 5

YES! My husband, kids and I were in the mall over the weekend and one almost got me lol. I think those shoes are called heeleys or something, they have wheels in the shoe. The shoes are popular, I remember when I was young, all of the popular toys going around and I always wanted to show them off, I guess thats what the kids are doing. Our schools sent home a paper saying that kids aren't allowed to use them in school because I guess kids were skating in the halls haha. Kids will be kids.


Kara H. - March 5

Well, I took out a kid wearing them with my cart. I was going down a main aisle when the kid flew out right in front of me. His mom ran up and looked p__sed at me! I helped the kid up and told him I was sorry that he felt down, but thats what happens when you play with outside toys inside. The mom said nothing.


Mellissa - March 5

oh my goodness sahmof3.. i can't believe they didn't make their child apoogize!! that's just rude. I made Rylee apologize to a lady at Lowes when she threw a tantrum while the lady was offering her a sticker. I guess that's just what i do when I'M embarra__sed. LOL KarraH... I would have done the same thing. A friend of mine just bought her daughter those and she said they cost $80!! Holy c___p.. i don't know if I'd spend that much on shoes, or skates, for my child when she's only 7.... but I'm cheap. lol


flower.momma - March 5

Haha, yeah. They look like fun though. I kind of want a pair!


MM - March 5

I think they are a cool invention but I think parents need to supervise & teach their kids that they are not for inside use.


CyndiG - March 5

LOL Mellissa! You will if you can! It's amazing what you'll buy when they're older! HeHe! If I can afford it, and can justify it, ie: it's not just COMPLETELY frivolous (and sometimes when it is), she usually gets it, whatever "it" is. Although, in my defense, she doesn't ask for alot of stuff. But she's a good kid. :O}


CyndiG - March 5

But, she doesn't have these things! Or Bratz dolls! I hate those things! LOL! I had to clarify!


Mingill - March 6

I'm not a fan of those wheelie shoes either. I'm a museum professional and I was at an exhibit with lots of display cases (gla__s) and artifacts etc. and these kids were just skooting around all over the place and almost crashed into other people, artifacts and the cases numerous times. The parents were oblivious! I think those things are just accidents waiting to happen.


mcatherine - March 6

Ladies - they are called Heelys and they are a MUST HAVE for every child between the ages of 8 and 12! The pair my son just had to have and would die of he didn't get them costs $95. And now might I add that on top of the fact that every shirt I own now has been stretched beyond belief by my son trying to use me to pull him everywhere, the hardwood floors in our dining room have taken a hard hit, we also have to make him pull up his jeans before we leave so we can verify that if he has them on - the wheels have been removed and are not stuck in his pockets so he doesn't get into public, cause a crash and get me sued!!! My husband and I both feel we made a mistake by giving in to his wishes for these shoes - as everywhere we go - there is yet another kid whose parents aren't watching or don't seem to care that their kids are knocking people down or almost getting hurt themselves. Most of his friends have been restricted to sidewalk use like my son. Let's just hope some other parents decide to do the same thing!


luviduvi - March 6

its toddler can't walk through the store anymore b/c some kid will plow right through her........


mcatherine - March 6

A lot of stores have banned them now. You can't wear them in the Target where I live anymore...


Mellissa - March 6

lol CyndiG..I know I'd probably give in to Rylee if she was older.. I tend to do that alot. My friend who bought them for her daughter said she thought her daughter was going to pa__s out when they came in the mail... she was screaming and her face turned beat red and she wouldn't stop jumping up and down. lol. sounds kinda like the Beatles invasion to me!



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