Anyone Else Check Their LO Sleeping Like Crazy

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MelissaK - November 15

I swear I check her 3-4x during naps which last close 2 hours 3-4 x a day, and then when she goes to bed at 7pm, I check about 8 times between 7 and 10. It's an obnoxious habit! I bought an Angelcare monitor and that calmed me down but jeez! I'm obsessed with watching her sleep? Like something scary is happening!


docbytch - November 15

Melissa...don't feel bad. Last night I had a HORRIBLE dream that my bby boy died!!!! As soon as I awoke I had to check him immediately. The thing is...we have no room for him and no place private to put him. He sleeps in this artificial nook for him I created in our room...but I had to use this divider and it's wedged up against our in order to look in on him it's really a pain...and we risk waking him up. But he does sleep better since we created this artificial private space...and I have had to comfort myself with just listening for the sounds he makes while sleeping. Occasionally he will cry in his sleep...but I pretty much know all the sounds he makes and it is my gut feeling that he is a strong and healthy boy (heck he was big enough at birth to indicate that much). Nonetheless...the dream I had last night scared THE SNOT out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would DIE if anything happened to my little guy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


MelissaK - November 15

OMG! Ugh, what a dream! Yeah remember a few weeks ago I posted that my LO had this weird gray pallor when she sleeps? It was FREAKING me out. Well, it turns out she has this artery between her eyes and the skin there is thin so there is this little blue tinge there (ped advised us). But then I was like, what about the rest of her face?? It looks gray or blue to me!!!! So I snuck in one morning and took a photo of her sleeping and in the photo she is normal perfect baby color. It turns out the lavendar paint we have on the wall is reflecting off of her skin in the dim light of the blinds we have!!!! Lol, I bought that monitor anyway and now I actually sleep at night but I still seem to have worn a groove in the floor from my constant pacing back to her room! You know, I thank god I have a "sleeper" (about 17-18 hours a day), but it's when she sleeps I feel unnerved!


ShoppingForTwo - November 16

Wow Docbytch what a dream! Words from that outspoken poster right before you gave birth to your baby boy probably haunt you. Your little boy is healthy and thriving, don't worry :) that karma stuff is over rated!


docbytch - November 17

Oh yeah....that freakazoid from the teen preg forum. I know...her words gave me a major case of the heebie jeebies. People like that are freaking scary to say the least. Nonetheless......I cannot take the life of my little guy for granted. Every day I need to be thankful he is even here...despite those stressfully sleepless nightls!


suze42 - November 17

my dd 4mos took the longest nap yesterday..i decided i should go check on her...and when i walked in she was perfectly still but her eyes were open...i cant even tell you how my heart stopped...i went to pick her up immediately and she started smiling...little bugger...i guess she had just woken up and hadnt even moved yet. I ll tell you it gave me a scare.



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