Anyone Else Find This Forum Addicting

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cae - June 30

Or is it just me??


babyO - June 30

Haha no...I used to just read the post but lately have found myself replying a lot! At work I check every few minutes ;o


krnj - June 30

I do I need to check it every few minutes when we're home! lol


babyO - June 30

Opps just read my message...I meant yes I am addicted! Can you tell?


hrsmith - June 30

I now have the summer off so I am finding myself checking the posts all the time.


cae - June 30

Yep.I .know how you guys feel. I never joined a forum or ever chatted online, but find myself checking the posts all the


Crissy - June 30

Yep, I've been reading this forum since my dd was born, 9 months ago. Can't get enough. I just recently started posting a lot though.


JAI - June 30

So funny you say that...I find myself running to see what is going on any free time I get. Or once the lttle guy is asleep and hubby is at work.


Mary - June 30

Its pretty much all I do in my free time. Boy I lead an exciting life. I've been on here since 2 weeks before I got my BFP. That was almost a year ago already. WOW. Where has the time gone?


Rabbits07 - July 1

Guilty as charged! luckily we have DSL so I online at all times. I just minimize the window and refresh a few times a day to avoid having to log back in. I have cut down the number of times a day I get on though as I was getting absolutely nothing done, plus ds is having more awake time so I spend that with him. I used to respond to almost every post, but now I try to limit it to where I have recent experience or if nobody else has suggested what I would or if I just have some time to kill I will respond to more. Most of my friends work through the day so this forum is about all the grown-up, female interaction I get and I totally appreciate it!


Heather F - July 1

I am also addicted - I got addicted way back when we were ttc - I find though that this forum is not as busy as the pregnancy ones were.


niya06 - July 4

I'm addicted to this site too!! I have been reading posts since January and I finally decided to register today and reply to posts.


Sarahsmommy - July 5

I am SO addicted. Anytime I spend on line is on here now.


BabyCay - July 5

I used to come on here ALL the time, now that my daughter is 18 mos i dont come on that often, but definently anytime i have a question/concern ..... oh yeah... what is -- BFP & TTC lol


sahmof3 - July 5

Oh my! Don't get me started. I've had three c-sections, I've b___stfed, had postpartum issues, had a m/c and obviously had infants, so the # of places to go and see here are endless...


sahmof3 - July 5

Oh yeah, and BabyCay... One thing I've never had are serious infertility problems, but I think I've figured out that TTC is trying to conceive, but I don't know about BFP. My silly guess is "before procedure". Anyone know for sure (or care to add your own silly guess??)... Oh, this is addicting...


Amanda584 - July 5

Hey there, BFP means Big Fat Positive (as in getting a positive result on a home pregnancy test).



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