Anyone Else Hating Mothers Day

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sara b - May 14

This is my second mothers day as a mother. My first I felt depressed because I had a 6 week old and her father wasn't there and I think I had a touch of postpartum depression. This year I have a boyfriend that I care for very much but he has no romantic side. He is very absent minded. He didn't even get a gift for my DD's first birthday. Last night we went to get the gift for his mom and I was wondering if he'd gotten me anything. This morning he got up for work and didn't tell me happy mothers day or anything. I didn't get a phone call during his lunch break and I was sure he got off work at 6 but he hasn't gotten home yet. I am thinking he took his mother her gift but he hasn't answered my calls or text messages. I find it depressing that my mom, grandma, and ex gave me mothers day gifts but my bf didn't. Also a guy at work gave me a card and candy and told me he really admired me for being a single parent and still being a good friend and hard worker. It kills me that an almost stranger understands how hard it is to balance being a single parent and work and a personal life but my bf, who I live with, doesn't. Or at least doesn't show that he understands. Am I hormonal or does this just seem flat out wrong to anyone else? Thanks for letting me vent.


Rabbits07 - May 14

{{{hugs}}}. I'm sorry your mother's day has been bad,. Every mom deserves to feel special. I don't think it is horomones, the boyfriend has definitely been inconsiderate today. Of course, he may be one of those that has the outlook that---well she's not MY mom, why do I need to buy her a gift?-- But he could have at least told you happy mother's day so you would know that he was thinking of you. Maybe a little sofa time for the bf is in order???;-)


sara b - May 14

LMAO. sofa time... thats great. I think I'll just try to get it out of him before midnight. Thanks for the input though. Have a good one.


ssmith - May 15

My husband didn't wish me Happy Mother's Day, or do anything special for me at all. Our daughter is 3 weeks this was a pretty significant Mother's Day for me. I was REALLY hurt. I haven't really talked to him about it yet, but will today when he gets home. Well, at least now I know what to get him for his first Father's Day....JACK SH**


Elle - May 16

Big {{{hugs}}} to sara b and ssmith! Hope you got something out of your bf before midnight, sara b, or else put his a** on the couch! ssmith, I'm SO SAD for you! I would be totally hurt too. So here's to you and I'm personally wishing you a belated Happy First Mother's Day! You did an awesome job of bringing your 3 week old into this world. I'm sorry your husband is so insensitive. His thought process is probably that you are not HIS mother, but HE is the one who MADE you a mother. Hope things got better for you sweetie.


ssmith - May 16

Thanks Elle (((((((((HUG))))))))


psychology - May 16

OK, I, too, need to vent. It was also my first mother's day (my daughter is three months old) and...not even a card. On sunday, he offered to go buy me clothes (with OUR money...which we don't have enough to buy HIM work clothes that he needs)...and then he decided to drive to his mothers' house (two hours away) for a surprise...not even asking me if I'd rather stick around and go shopping or do something us three together... I don't want to sound like I wanted a material gift...but just a card would have been nice. ... We only get one FIrst mother's day.......... I feel so dissapointed. ANyone else feels their boyfroiend/husband is not romantic anymore??? Is that what having a child and being buzy does to men?? Or our hormones talking? ;)


charliepaulchloe - May 18

im feel so sorry for you all. i have a child from a previous relationship who is nearly 7 so she always goes and gets me something but my partner who is not her father always gets me something off her i am now 18 wks preg with his child and i was made to feel extra special this mothers day as bumps name had been put in card. it was a tough mothers day for me as i lost my own mum last april so it was my first one without her i think thats why he made it extra special. do as ssmith said when it comes to fathers day, as they say whats good for one is good for the other!!!


BaileysMummy - May 19

It's not your deserve to be acknowledged on mothers day!!Some men are very insensitive. I have a 5 month old son, so it was my first mothers day. I told him not to worry about presents as I would rather just have a nice day with him and Bailey and save the money, as i'm a sahm. All was good, we decided to go to a great place by the water, when the tide is low you can walk out to a small island, I love it! Although then he invited his sister (who i have nothing against) and a pushy aunty, who always tries to take Bailey from me and annoys him. Instead of a cheap lunch he paid for us all to go to the restaurant there, which was expensive. That upset me a little, he could have bought me something instead of taking them out with us.



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