Anyone Else Have A Baby With Reflux

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ClaireA - July 10

My 4 week old son was diagnosed with reflux at 2 weeks old. Since then I have been pumping exclusively (since he was miserable at the br___t), keeping him upright 30 minutes after eating, putting him to sleep in either the car seat or the crib which we have elevated so that his head is higher than his stomach, and he is on Zantac. NOTHING has helped, and it seems to be getting worse; ie, this morning he woke up and immediately started crying, was fine while I fed him, then he cried for 2.5 hours until finally falling asleep from exhaustion. This is horrible! Does anyone have any other advice? It's heartbreaking to see him in pain.


sahmof3 - July 10

OMG, so sorry you are going through all of this! When your pedi tested for the reflux, did they test for Pyloric Stenosis? Has your ds been gaining weight well? I used to do daycare at my home and had a boy who had that (it was after the fact by the time I began watching him) and some of these symptoms sound similar to what his mom described.


fasha12 - July 10

Claire--Hang in there. My son was diagnosed with reflux and colic at around 7 weeks (I finally couldn't take the crying so I took him to the dr at 7 weeks). He is currently on Zantac and Hyosciamine- which is a tummy relaxer and has kept his colic at bay. You may want to check into the second drug as it has worked miracles on my son. Also don't let him sleep in his car seat. I have read that the angle of the car seat actually can cause the baby to reflux more. My son sleeps in his swing with his noisemaker on his lap turned to the white noise and that helps him sleep. He is currently 3 months old and he seems to be outgrowing the colic part. Things will get better, you just have to hang in there. Invest in the book "The Happiest Baby on the Block". Hang in there. Hope this helps.


Kel - July 10

My dd also has reflux, but isn't too bad and she seems to be doing OK lately. You son may need his meds up - I think most reflux meds are dependant on weight so if his weight has gone up he may need an increase - or a totally different med. Bonnie who is also on this forum has a lot of knowledge on reflux so she may know a litlte better than I do. She's also directed me to another website that has great forums - Many of the Moms are their are very knowledgable about reflux. Good luck


Bonnie - July 10

Thanks Kel....first of all Claire, ((((HUGS))).......Those first couple months with Mason were absolutely horrible. It's hard to even describe it. My ped at first blew it off as colic because Mason didn't spit up and ate overly well(which we later realised was comfort feeding to sooth the pain in his throat). pretty much saved us. As soon as I found that site I knew what Mason had and I got the ped to finally agree. He put Mason on Zantac which did nothing. So he had an upepr GI done which confirmed the reflux (though that test is pointless half the time to confirm anything). At that point the ped gave up and referred us to a pediatric GI who really listened and took care of Mason. Firstly, Mason's Zanatc dose was ridiculously too low. I t is EXTREMELY weight orientated on the dose and quite frankly, some peds just don't rpescribe it right. Mason ended up needing to be on the stronger meds and went to Prevacid. Once that kicked in (a good 2 weeks for thsoe drugs) he was a different baby. Zantac is mroe of a contact med and you should notice improvement within a few days..............Reflux is a horrid rolelr coaster. Some get lucky and do great with the frist dose of Zantac. But other times it can take a long time to figure out the right combination to fix it. I knew at 2 weeks what was wrong with Mason and it took just over 2 months to get him under control. Before that I was averaging 2 hours of BROKEN sleep a night. Mason was getting less than 7 hours in a 24 hour period. I had to go on anti-depressents during that period. It was awful............The good news is that it WILL get better. You just have to try and hang in tehre the best you can. This is long so I will make another post with my advice....


Bonnie - July 10

My advice............firstly, mommy's instincts know best. (EVERYONE blew me off as an overprotective mom and made me feel horrible when I was right all along). Listen to your gut. If the Zantac is not working after 2-3 days....go back, go back, go back....did I mention go back? Call and bug the living hell out of your ped and do not take no for an answer. The dosage may not be right or he may need a different type of drug. If teh ped does not act helpful, point blank ask for a GI referral.......But on that note.....your ped may have rpescribed the right dose and your LO may need a different type of drug or have other things to deal with. GI's can take months (which BLOWS) to get into, so try not to p__s off your ped. BUT, do not give up and keep going back..........secondly, reflux is often caused by other issues...motility, air/gas, physical issues, food allergies, etc. And your docs amy have to start changing all of tehse things one at a time to figure out what is causing it. There are just no quick answers. The probably most important part is to get on the right meds and strangth to combat the pain. THEN start tackling other issues like possible food intolerances.....I do not remember the right dosage for Zantac, but post on that Web site ( with your LO's age and weight and what dosage he is on and I'm sure someone will chime in to let you know if it is right or not. Hang in there!!


Bonnie - July 10

P.S. I cannot type, lol. I don't watch the screen and try to type as fast as I think so pardon the typos. :P


babybird - July 10

My son was diagnosed with reflux at 2 weeks. It was so hard to b___stfeed because he was always throwing up what looked like more than he had eaten. I tried all the same stuff you have and like you nothing worked. We were using receiving blankets as burp rags cuz the cloth diapers were just too small. I started supplementing with Enfamil A.R. It's a formula that is pre-thickened with rice starch so it makes the formula heavier and easier to keep down. It broke my heart that I couldn't exclusively b___stfeed but you wouldn't believe the improvement I saw. Within two days he quit throwing up completely. If the other suggestions you've gotten don't work you might want to try this. I know it's not the same as b___stfeeding but it made my son so much happier and he was able to keep everything down so it's worth a try:)



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