Anyone Else Have A LO Who Sleeps A LOT

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JessC531 - January 27

My dd is almost 6 months old, and she still sleeps a lot - so much so that I worry about it sometimes. She usually sleeps about 12 hours at night. When she gets up in the morning she's only up about an hour before she needs a nap. Then she'll have awake stretches of up to 2 hours, but sometimes only an hour to an hour and a half. Shouldn't she be able to stay awake longer than that by now? If we're out and about, she can make it almost 3 hours, but not even close at home. Just wondering if anyone else's lo is like this.


JessC531 - January 27

(She doesn't sleep 12 hours all the way through at night. She'll usually eat at about 5am and then go back to sleep for a few hours.)


docbytch - January 28

It is possible she may take after some other sleepy-headed member of the family. As long as her wakeful times seem productive and she is developmentally on track I wouldn't worry too much. Have you mentioned her sleep habits to her pediatrician? If so....I am sure your doc will say something to put your mind at ease:)


excited2bemama - January 28

so what is her total number of hour she is sleeping in a 24 hour period?? she sounds normal to me. my almost 8 month old can sleep as much as 13.5 hours at night and then take 2-3 30-60 min naps throughout the day. Sometimes she isn;t awake more than 1.5 hours and sometimes she is awake for 4 hours it all depends.


DB - January 28

Jess-No worries! Some babies just physically need a lot of sleep...This should make you feel better-My dd will be ONE (yay!) on Thursday. She sleeps about 12.5-13.5 hours each night. She is up by 7am and down for a TWO HOUR a.m. nap by 9:00-9:30. She'll go down for another 1 hr nap at 2-3pm. She sleeps about 15-16 hours per day STILL at 12 months old. I am absolutely not worried because she is happy and developing normally. She also goes to bed early around 6pm every day. I get lots of questions like "wow, that is A LOT of sleep for a one year old"...I used to get annoyed about people giving unsolicited advice about how much sleep my baby needs, but I'm a Healthy sleep habits healthy child fan and he explains in that book that some LO's just need a lot of sleep! It's perfectly healthy. At dd's 9 month check up the doc was just fine with how much she slept. Her 1 year appt is friday, so we'll see what the doc says this time. As for being awake for only short periods, I think that sounds perfectly normal. It actually sounds just like my dd was at that age. It can be hard to go out and do things with a baby that needs lots of naps, but it gets easier :)


fifijeep - January 28

Hi Jess, I have the same issue, and my doc said it was fine. I agree with DB - some babies just sleep more than others. My ds is almost 5 months, and has a similar sleep schedule to your dd. He will go to bed at 8:30pm, feed at 3, then back to sleep till around 7 or 8. Then he's ready for a 2-3 hr nap by 9. He takes 2-3 more naps during the day and doesn't like to be up more than a couple hours without one. He is growing like a weed though, gaining great and eating lots so I'm not worried. I think we just got easy sleepers! My friend has a baby the same age and he only takes catnaps all day and waked every 2 hrs still at night at that age. My ds loves his crib and it makes it hard to go out during the day, but I try to remember this won't last forever and to enjoy it. People always say he sleeps too much, but you just have to do what's right for your little one. Have them try to fight a sleepy baby, they're much happier well-rested!


kristine - January 29

Sounds normal to me too! My almost 9 month old sleeps for about 12 hours at night (6:30/7:00-6:30/7:00), is down for a 1 1/2-2 hour nap at 9:00, and then another 1 1/2 hour nap at 1:00. He is VERY active during his awake time. I think some babies just need more sleep than others!


TamaraAngel - February 1

My 7 month old sleeps 10 - 12 hours at night... and still takes a 2 hour nap around 10am plus several cat naps thru-out the day (he started this routine around 3 months). He doesnt wake at all at night... sleeps straight thru! My doc said not to worry at all and to be happy he's such a good sleeper! I think he takes after his momma... bc i LOVE to sleep!!! :o)


Gretta - February 1

My dd is a marathon sleeper too she goes to bed at 6:00 and sleeps until 7:00 and takes two naps - she is 11 months but she slept even more at 6 months - she is healthy and happy and a really fun baby too - I think its because she is well rested.



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