Anyone Else Notice That Pampers Is Ripping Us Off

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Jenn - June 9

Has anyone else noticed that the price of Pampers has gone up and they are decreasing the number of diapers per case? I buy size 4, last case I bought was 19.97 at walmart for 92 diapers-yesterday it was 21.97 for size 4 and only 88 diapers per case!!!!! I know why the price has gone up-but COME ON, 4 diapers less, I am sick of it......................................blah


Krissy25 - June 9

I have also noticed they are not being as generous with their coupons. They use to have a lot of $2 off pull-ups in the sunday ads (which target lets me use on any size diaper) but now i'm seeing fewer coupons and they are for like $1.50 off instead of $2


ImpatientMommy - June 9

Babies R' Us and Toys R' Us ALWAYS have a $5 any package of pampers over $25. I get like 3 of them in the mail every month and always have.


Crystal83 - June 10

I haven't noticed a change in price, but the last time I bought some I was in a hurry and didn't really look at the price. I'm going to have check now when I go again. I love pampers, but after my lo's get to be about a year old I switch to generic brands.


margie - June 10

i just recently found out that i LOVE luvs...i never really gave them a chance but then i couldnt afford the pampers anymore and noticed that luvs are sooo much cheaper and they actually work pretty darn good!


Jenn - June 10

Yeah Krissy I was always clipping coupons and then they stopped coming as regular...I am thinking of switching maybe I will try luvs.


jenna32 - June 10

i know,pampers is pretty expensive! But dd has very sensitive skin and the only kind of diapers that have worked well without her getting diaper rash are pampers, does anybody else have this problem and any suggestions for other kinds? I had millions of huggies coupons collected by the time dd was born but like no pampers ones,they are rare!


tish212 - June 10

i just bought size 3's i think 109 for wait for it........ $27.99!!!! i about fell over when i saw that, but luvs leak when i used them and the huggies don't fit my dd right, i wish the cheaper brands worked better!!! but i understand where you are coming from jenn, it disgusts me how much the price of things is rising... also they aren't putting my coupons in the case anymore, it used to be i would find coupons in the case for like $3 off a case, not any more...


socalmom - June 10

I love Pampers, and have used them ever since ds was born, he has kinda sensitive skin so I've just stuck with Pampers, but the price was getting so crazy that my hubby talked me into trying the Target brand and I have to say they work pretty darn good! They are MUCH cheaper and I'm going to use them from now on! They are worth a try.


tish212 - June 10

SOCALMOM i was just talking to dh about trying the target brand next time since they are like 96 for only $13.99 compared to $27.99 and if you are as pleased with them as you were pampers i will def be giving them a try!!!!


Angelica87 - June 13

Tish.. I absolutely hated the target diapers. They did not work well for us at all. ALWAYS had leaks. And rarely have leaks with pampers and huggies! But I guess they work out for other people so maybe you'll have better luck


tish212 - June 13

UGGG- speak of the devil...i went yesterday and bought a pack of target diapers...a small pack (THANKFULLY) and's my findings...they dont fit her right AT ALL, and the biggest issue, they leak!! she peed and it couldnt hold her i WILL NOT be switching....i guess pampers gets to rip me off some more...and i have tried LUVS and they did the same and they got pampers will continue to rip me off since they work.... ugggg


mjvdec01 - June 13

I switched from Pampers to the new Luvs with the stretchy sides. I love them and they are a lot cheaper. The cost comes out to about 18 cents a diaper. I haven't had any problem with leaks and my daughter has very sensitive skin. We have to use diaper cream with every change. I would say, buy a small package and try the new stretch ones.


kimberly - June 13

I know some people don't like the Wal Mart brand, but I use the parents choice diapers and have never had a problem with leaks or rashes. For I think 32 diapers I pay $5.77. I used luvs with my boys and never had a problem but I can't find them where I am now. Wal Mart quit selling them and the only other place near me that has them is Dollar General and they only have the small packages. The closest Target to me is about 20 miles away.


BeccaBaby1 - June 13

If you have a Costco in your area, their diapers are fantastic. I think they are the nicest I've tried and they are cheaper than any decent brand I've found.


momtbc - June 13

BECCA BABY - I have used the Costco brand diapers on my last three kids and I love them! They are not the cheapest price wise, but they aren't outrageous either. They worked on my boys and my little girl. I used Pampers with my first and they were wonderful buy expensive. I also only use the Costco brand wipes. They are so nice and clothlike. I heard that the price of diapers will be doubling in the coming months because the inner layer that absorbs the liquid in the diaper is made from a petroleum product - resulting in the price going up even more so than just because everything is getting more expensive.


tish212 - June 13

darnit!!! we dont have a costco here.... so i can't try their brand, the walmart brand doesn't fit her so well i guess i am stuck, i can use the target ones during the day though, since i can catch her wet diaper the second she goes but at night not so much.... so i will try using target brand during the day and pampers at least that will help money wise a little! i dont want to know that they are going up cuz $30 for a case seems SUPER high to me, back when i did foster care we were paying $20 for a case of huggies in size 4...and now that i have my own (who i might add is not potty training like the foster kids i had lol) it costs soooo much to keep her diapered i am actaully considering reusable cloth...anyone tried those?? i don't want to use a diaper service though i can do that myself any advice?



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